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Congress welcomes two time MLA Luv Lumar Goldy from BJP and former cabinet minister Malkit Singh Birmi back in party

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 28, 2024 08:36 PM

Dimpa. Auj;a and Amar Singh affirm their commitment to Congress party
CHANDIGARH: In an address to the press, senior leadership of the Punjab Congress welcomed former two-time MLA Luv Kumar Goldy and former Cabinet Minister Malkit Singh Birmi as they officially rejoined the party.

Addressing the media, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, remarked, "Today, we extend our heartfelt welcome to Luv Kumar Goldy Ji and Malkit Singh Birmi Ji as they return to the Congress fold. Despite their absence, their ideologies have remained aligned with our party's principles, prompting their reintegration."

Expanding on this, Warring stated, "Birmi Ji parted ways with us in 2014, choosing to disengage from political affairs to engage in grassroots social initiatives. After a decade, he has opted to reengage in politics under our banner. Similarly, Goldy Ji's departure coincided with Capt. Amarinder Singh's tenure change. Now, they both return home to the Congress, having remained steadfast in their commitment to public service."

He continued, "In contrast to the recent trend of opportunistic political maneuvering, these distinguished leaders have consistently prioritized the welfare of Punjab's citizens. Their return underscores our party's enduring appeal to those dedicated to the greater good."

Punjab Congress In-charge, Devendra Yadav, echoed this sentiment, stating, "The return of such esteemed figures reaffirms our party's ethos of service over self. Our steady growth reflects our commitment to genuine leadership that prioritizes public welfare."

Regarding inquiries about the party's electoral strategies, Yadav affirmed, "Our candidate selection process is meticulous, ensuring thorough representation and alignment with the electorate's interests. We prioritize equitable campaigning while finalizing a roster of candidates best poised to serve Punjab's populace. We will soon be releasing our candidate list after due diligence."

Warring emphasized, "Our election preparations are proceeding with vigor, guided by our inclusive ethos. The Congress remains a bastion of unity, embracing diversity and empowering all members to contribute based on merit. Our unwavering dedication to equitable governance sets us apart."

Responding to queries regarding rumours of defection to the BJP, Manish Tewari asserted, "I have dedicated two decades to Congress, steadfast in my allegiance. Baseless rumors hold no sway over my commitment. For further inquiries, I request you to contact BJP President Sunil Jakhar, who may shed light to the speculation that he himself has started. I am someone who welcomes leaders to the Congress rather than being welcomed to other political parties." It is important to note that Jasbir Singh Gill (Dimpa), Gurjeet Singh Aujla recently released statement vouching their commitment to the Congress party. MP Amar Singh from Fatehgarh Sahib was also present at the Press Conference and unequivocally dispelled speculations of him leaving the Congress for other political parties as well.

Concluding the briefing, Warring asserted, “The people of Punjab and the the nation are intelligent and know who they want to and should vote for. The people of the state will surely show the door to those who have jumped ship as they cannot be trusted. The leaders who left were given everything by the Congress, they did not create the party but rather, the party created them. The result on the 4th of June will showcase the hardwork we have done over the past two years.”

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