Thursday, April 15, 2021


BJP should Show bangles to PM Modi responsible for the death of farmers: Angad Dutta

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 08, 2021 06:58 AM

JALANDHAR: District Youth Congress President (Urban) Angad Dutta said that If BJPis have to show bangles then they should show to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Who forced hundreds of farmers of Punjab to die. He blamed that It is the PM only who is destroying the future of farmers. Dutta said, Modi does not care that the farmers have been sitting on the borders for almost four months. He said that the Congress strongly condemns the incident of tearing and assault on the BJP MLA, but if the BJP decides to take such an incident, then the BJP will be responsible for it. He termed the BJP's women workers' attempt to encircle the District Congress building and showing bangles as scandalous. He Also instructed them not to try to spoil the peace of Punjab.
Dutta said that the Central Government has already brought three agricultural bills against the farmers of Punjab and put them on the streets. Now, with the direct payment of the crops of the farmers, the work of sprinkling salt on their burns is being done. Dutta said that farmers and people of Punjab are not afraid of such moves. He said that the Punjab government and the Youth Congress are standing shoulder to shoulder with the farmers. He said that the BJP should leave such antics and stand with the farmers of the country. If BJP leaders are under attack, it is the BJP who spoils the atmosphere of Punjab for this. The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Center has started to ruin Punjab with three agriculture bills. Which will never let the farmers and people of Punjab succeed.
Dutta said that the Congress government in Punjab is serious about protecting all the people. Be it BJP leader or common man. All are safe in the Captain's government. There is no lapse in security. He said that the incident with the BJP leader had already been condemned by the Congress and even now it is being termed as condemnable. But BJP should not try to provoke the farmers or their families, rather they should try to bring feelings of integrity not of deteriorating.

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