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Bir Devinder Singh appeals people of Punjab to beware of juggler Prashant Kishor

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 03, 2021 08:32 PM

MOHALI: While coming down heavily on the recent appointment of Poll strategist, Prashant Kishor as principal advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister, Chief Spokesperson of Shiromani Akali Dal (Democratic) and former Deputy Speaker, Mr. Bir Devinder Singh said that what could be more unfortunate than the fact that despite Capt. Amarinder Singh serving two terms as Punjab Chief Minister, he drastically failed to create an impressive clean image for him in the Public estimation.

Ironically, this is the only reason, which forced him to appoint a poll strategist like Prashant Kishor as his principal Advisor, so as to resurrect his sagging public image just before the Assembly Polls .

“If Capt. Amarinder Singh had worked sincerely for the welfare of the state and has been accessible to the public then he would not have needed the deceptive services of such a swindler strategist. Today Punjab is in a bad state on each front; may it be unemployment, farmers’ suicide , industrial exodus from Punjab on the rise for want of facilities and the undeterred criminal activities of the all kind of mafia operation in Punjab and what not ; said Mr. Bir Devinder Singh.

He said that when the people of Punjab had voted for ‘Captain Sarkar’, then they had expected his government to work for the development and prosperity of the State but regrettably Punjab’s Chief Minister had only backed the ‘Mafias’ because of which every section of the society is suffering. In such a depressive scenario, no political strategist could help the Congress to improve its much maligned and discoloured image. Mr. Bir Devinder Singh said that Prashant Kishor himself is the culprit, wanted by the people of Punjab for his various acts of commissions and omissions committed to deceive the innocent people of Punjab during previous assembly elections in the year 2017.

“From his appointment as Chief Advisor, it is clear that fot the coming Assembly elections Capt. Amarinder Singh’s long list of fake promises may be in the making once again , ” said Bir Devinder Singh

Taking a dig at the spree of appointments of Advisors to the Punjab Chief Minister, Bir Devinder Singh said that the Army of advisors to the Chief Minister may one day outnumber the council of Ministers and Chief Minister may have to call them by numbers, as for instance he may have to identify them as ‘advisor --10’ advisor-15 so on and so forth, he may even forget to recall the exact number of his advisors ?

He said that it is obvious that Prashant Kishor has been appointed in the Cabinet rank for the purpose to manage the election campaign for the Congress for the ensuing Assembly elections . Therefore, it is blatantly unethical for the Chief Minister to put this huge financial burden of his perks on the State exchequer . Even the moral values, probity and the decency demands that Prashant Kishore should not have accepted the facilities, equal to the cabinet Minister, after all why he is burdening the poor State struggling for its ‘fiscal existence’, Prashant also need to answer ?

I would beseech the Chief Minister, to immediately cancel the unnecessary appointment of Prashant Kishore as Chief Advisor, if at all they still need him to work for Congress, then let he be appointed as Chief Advisor to the PCC President Mr. Sunil Jakhar at the cost of the Congress coffers, then we shall have no objection said Bir Devinder Singh.

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