Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Bir Devinder appeals HC to take suo moto notice of murder of Shaurya Chakkar awardee

PUNJAB NEW EXPRESS | October 17, 2020 06:22 PM

CHANDIGARH: Former Punjab Deputy Speaker Bir Devinder Singh today appealed to Punjab and Haryana High Court to take suo moto notice of gruesome murder of Balwinder Singh Bhikhiwind, shaurya Chakkar awardee.

Bir Devinder said that the  Punjab State and the DGP Mr. Dinkar Gupta as head of the State police is squarely responsible for the ghastly murder of Shaurya Chakra awardee,   Comrade Balwinder Singh. A brave heart Comrade Balwinder Singh and his family stood their ground, diligently against the advent of terrorism in Punjab for more than three decade. During the peak period of militancy the family survived a series of deadly attacks on them, which they retaliated very bravely, every time when the attempt was made by the militants.

"I wonder, at what idiotic level, an unprofessional decision of sublime stupidity was taken to withdraw the entire security cover of the highly vulnerable family of the State, undoubtedly very susceptible to grave risk. The committee of the high ranking police officers, which reviewed the threat perception of the ‘high risk family’ including Comrade Balwinder Singh and foolishly recommended the withdrawal of the security cover provided to the family by the State for years. It’s certainly a colossal failure of the top police brass in judging the bona fide threat perception of the brave family. Some heads must roll who are found to be responsible for betraying the security interest of the family, which fought militancy with dignity and might, during most trying times".

Bir Devinder Singh said that unfortunately, in order to withdraw the security cover of the protected persons or the families; who are perceived to be the political opponents of the present dispensation, a fake threat perception review is carried out at the whims and fancies of ruling party politicians and the security cover is withdrawn for no rhyme or reason, without even recording cogent elucidation on the security file, the security is ordered to be withdrawn, just to please the ruling elite.

He added that the State is a perpetual institution that stays in permanence; whereas the political Governments of different shades comes and goes. The security to the citizens of the State is the constitutional responsibility of the State and the State cannot abdicate this responsibility with the change of the political regime. Therefore the  threat perception of political entities can not be measured by the political standards, suitable to capricious notions of the ruling party.

"I’m of the considered view that it’s a coldblooded murder with the connivance of the State and the State police; therefore I beseech the Hon’ble High Court to take suo moto notice of the political compulsions of the State police, and the complicity of the forces under whose malicious influence the security cover was withdrawn, which led to the gruesome murder of the Shaurya Chakra awardee, Comrade Balwinder Singh. The Hon’ble High Court should hand over the matter to the CBI for the thorough probe of all aspects of the matter".

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