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Drug bust in Ahmedabad: Over 1 kg of mephedrone worth Rs 1.20 cr seized

IANS | September 21, 2023 04:40 PM

AHMEDABAD: Ahmedabad city's crime branch seized over 1 kg of mephedrone (MD) drugs from two separate locations in the city on Thursday.

The estimated street value of the seized drugs stands at a staggering Rs 1.20 crore in the international market, highlighting the severity of the illicit narcotics trade.

The police have filed cases against eight individuals in connection with these drug seizures.

Of the eight, four suspects have been apprehended by law enforcement officials, while efforts continue to locate and apprehend the remaining four individuals implicated in these cases.

Four suspects in two distinct cases, while four additional individuals connected to the drug trade remain on the run, actively sought by law enforcement authorities.

The crime branch executed the first seizure of approximately 500 grams of MD drugs near Narol, leading to the initiation of a criminal case.

Simultaneously, another cache of around 595 grams of MD drugs was uncovered near Charodi village, prompting the filing of a separate case.

During this operation, one individual was arrested in Charodi while in possession of the illicit drugs.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the seized drugs were transported from a village in Palanpur with the intent to be sold within the city.

The alleged involvement of individuals Zakir Hussin and Anwar Hussain in the drug trade has come to light.

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