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Ashley Park says her character Audrey Sullivan from ‘Joy Ride’ an ‘honour to play’

IANS | September 19, 2023 04:28 PM

MUMBAI: Actress Ashley Park, who is gearing up for the OTT debut of her drama-comedy or dramedy film ‘Joy Ride’, has called her character in the film-Audrey Sullivan, ’ an honour to play’ and one of those roles which come, the moment you need them.

Detailing how she felt playing the role, Ashley Park said: “Audrey Sullivan has been an honour to play. I feel like there are certain roles that find you in your life exactly when you need them. It was my first time playing the protagonist in the story.”

Describing the character, she added: “She’s a character that feels like she has it all together and understands how to navigate this world, this community, this industry that has been built for and people who don’t look like her.

“She doesn’t understand that there’s something missing in her own identity until she goes on to this ‘joyride’. It’s been a true honour to play this character who has such nuance and depth and hilarity. I think she ends up finding a part of herself that she didn’t even know she needed to look for", she added.

Packed with comedy, drama and some NSFW instances, the film follows Audrey Sullivan on a path to self discovery. When Audrey’s business trip to Asia goes wrong, she calls on her childhood bestie, Lolo, her college friend Kat and Lolo’s eccentric cousin Deadeye for help.

Stranded in a strange country, with nowhere to go and no one whom she knows, she becomes a stranger in a strange land and embarks on a wild journey of utter chaos and debauchery, before going through a tough round of introspection, coming to terms with and what she is and accepting it.

Starring Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu and Sabrina Wu in titular roles, ‘Joy Ride’ is directed by Adele Lim with a script written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong was released theatrically on July 7.

The film will have its OTT premiere on Lionsgate Play in India on October 6.

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