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Virtual Numbers for SMS — the Solution to the Security Problems of Personal Data

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS5 | June 08, 2023 02:24 PM

Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile devices in almost all areas of life. In addition to being able to communicate normally, many online services and applications require the user to confirm their identity through their phone number by sending a text message with a confirmation code. However, it is not always convenient or safe to use your main phone number for this purpose. In such cases, one solution may be to use a virtual phone number to receive SMS. In the following article we'll see what it is and what benefits you can get using this service.

What is virtual phone number for receiving SMS?

A Virtual SMS Number is just a phone number which can be used to receive short messages. It does not require a SIM card, is not linked to your personal phone number and is available anywhere in the world.

This service is really convenient for any situation where you need to receive SMS, but do not want to give your personal number. Thus, you can be confident in the safety of personal data and avoid unnecessary potential problems.

Such number can be used for various purposes, such as registration in social networks, messengers, online services, or for obtaining confirmation codes for payment of goods and services via the Internet.

Benefits of Virtual Numbers for your Privacy

Both companies and people who use these virtual tools resort to these methods because posting their personal phone numbers on web pages they don't know about can put themselves at some risk of identity theft in cyberspace.

Given that we live in a very modern and advanced world, where many people need to have many different accounts that need to provide some of our personal information when registering. That is why it is so important to know that a virtual number can help you a lot to keep your private data private, while completing the registration on the desired resource.

It is very convenient if you need to confirm your phone number on any site on the Internet, then using a virtual phone number will allow you to not have to provide your source data for this. Thus, you will be able to avoid posting your private phone number, thus remaining anonymous and not exposing yourself to danger.

In addition to privacy, there are advantages to be highlighted:

  • The ease of use is that you can get such a phone number online, without the need to go to a physical store and stand in lines.
  • Saving time and resources. Cost of one virtual phone number is several times lower than the cost of buying a new SIM card, it allows you to save your budget, in addition, most services provide a special API-interface that allows you to automate the process of receiving SMS.
  • Registration on sites and services. A temporary number is useful if you've already used yours and don't have another one handy. You don't have to buy a SIM card for the sake of one registration.
  • Geographic freedom. The phone number you get online can be purchased in any geographic region, allowing you to have numbers in different countries, bypassing various geographic blockages.
  • Preventing phone hacking. Especially if your real number is tied to banking and other financial apps. Use a temporary phone number for everything else.


This service is a great solution for increasing the protection of your personal data on the Internet, while ensuring your anonymity. Thanks to virtual numbers, you can no longer worry that your private phone number can fall into the hands of fraudsters or spammers.

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