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Kejriwal not allowed to meet wife face-to-face, alleges AAP MP Sanjay Singh

IANS | April 13, 2024 01:10 PM

NEW DELHI: Terming it an act of humiliation and discouragement, senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh during a Press conference on Saturday said that when Delhi's jailed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's wife, Sunita Kejriwal, applied to meet him in the jail, she was told that she cannot meet him face-to-face but through a window.

The Rajya Sabha MP further said: "Why such inhuman behaviour? This inhuman act has been done just to humiliate and discourage the CM. I am saying with full responsibility that even the dreaded criminals are allowed to meet in the barrack, but a three-time CM of Delhi is allowed to meet his wife through a window having a glass in between."

Further criticising the instance wherein Sanjay Singh and Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann were issued a token to meet Kejriwal in jail, he contested how the meeting was cancelled at the last moment, saying they (Singh and Mann) could not be allowed to meet the CM at such short notice.

He talked about how unaware the BJP government was about the CM of Punjab. "It is still believable that they don't know me (Sanjay Singh), but how is it possible that the BJP does not know they are issuing a token to the CM of Punjab?" Sanjay Singh said.

Questioning the Tihar Jail authorities, and the BJP government, Sanjay Singh said: "Give me one example where, since the establishment of Tihar Jail, two Chief Ministers were allowed to meet in a manner where one stays behind the bar and another outside, and not face-to-face."

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