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Burglars drills into jewellery shop in Delhi, flee away with ornaments worth over Rs 20 Cr

IANS | September 26, 2023 02:50 PM

NEW DELHI: A jewellery shop in Delhi’s Jangpura area was looted by thieves who escaped with ornaments worth over Rs 20 crore, an official said on Tuesday.

The incident came to light on Tuesday when the store owner opened the shop, Umrao Jewellers in Bhogal.

The store remains closed on Mondays and the investigators suspect that the incident occurred between Sunday night and Monday.

A well-thought-out scheme unfolded during this extensive heist, involving the deliberate disconnection of CCTV cameras and the creation of an entry point into the heavily fortified strongroom (locker).

It is suspected that the burglars gained access through the building's terrace, descending from the top floor to reach the ground floor where the strongroom was securely positioned, according to officials.

"Subsequently, they drilled a hole through the strongroom's wall, granting them access to the precious ornaments stored within. In addition to these stolen items, the culprits also made away with the jewellery that was on display within the showroom, " said the official.

Meanwhile, the police teams are diligently reviewing any available CCTV footage recorded prior to the thieves' interference with the cameras to aid in their investigation.

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