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Apparel Resources leading the way for fashion technology

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | September 15, 2023 12:36 PM

Apparel Resources, a leading media house of India with three decades of experience in retail, fashion and apparel manufacturing industry, is on the verge of marking a significant milestone with its upcoming inaugural Fashion Tech Week 2023 in Bengaluru. This event is poised to provide a pivotal platform for fashion technology providers to delve into innovations within the sector's four key areas: retail, manufacturing, wearables and marketing.

Spanning two days from 4th to 5th October at ITC Gardenia, Fashion Tech Week 2023, powered by tech giant Adobe, will include exhibitions, tech sessions and networking sessions. Expect over 40 tech companies, including influential names like Tukatech, Browzwear and Centric Software, to unveil their innovations disrupting retail, e-commerce and manufacturing through digitalisation. The conference will feature riveting panel discussions, tech talks and spotlight sessions, showcasing how technology integrates into the fashion business. These forums will cover intriguing topics like AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, on-demand manufacturing and 3D modelling, drawing participation of over 75 industry speakers, primarily stalwarts of the retail, apparel and fashion industry.

Apparel Resources is also the proud organiser of India’s premier sourcing show, Apparel Sourcing Week, which has successfully completed its editions in 2019, 2022 and 2023 respectively. Its July 2023 edition attracted over 10, 000 apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers, with participation from more than 200 exhibitors across 20 countries.

Renowned for its widely read industry magazines—Apparel Online India and Apparel Online Bangladesh—Apparel Resources continues to provide comprehensive analysis of the textile and apparel industry. These magazines feature forecasts, data analyses, latest news and cover articles encompassing manufacturing, retail, sustainability, fashion trends and trade. Its other notable publication, FashTech Journal, is a monthly fashion tech magazine covering a spectrum of topics such as warehouse management; order fulfilment and management; on-demand manufacturing; additive manufacturing; IoT; Industry 5.0; predictive analytics; trend forecasting; virtual fitting rooms; customer engagement; experiential buying; AI/ML/AR/VR, 3D; edge computing; metaverse; NFT; blockchain; smart textiles and robotics, amongst many others.

With the future of fashion technology appearing to be promising, Apparel Resources is also geared up for the second edition of Fashion Tech Week to be organised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. While specific details regarding the venue and dates are yet to be disclosed, this event is anticipated to become Bangladesh’s first-of-its-kind fashion tech event.

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