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Planning a Masai Mara Safari from India - Expert Guide

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | October 07, 2022 05:56 PM

A Masai Mara safari from India is the ultimate excursion as far as wildlife adventures are concerned. However, the process can be daunting for some due to the numerous alternatives for everything, ranging from getting to the reserve, to reserving lodging and activities.

Planning a vacation to the Masai Mara or, for that matter, a Kenya Safari may especially prove challenging to first-time travelers. But you need not worry. In the following sections, we attempt to simplify this process by providing pertinent details on organizing your Masai Mara safari and Kenya holidays from India.

There are always plenty of games in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Their numbers are even more significant from July to October during the annual wildebeest migration.

That is when the larger herds of over two million animals make a mass exodus from the Serengeti National Park into the Masai Mara.Below are vital points to consider when planning your trip to Masai Mara from India. We look at the suitable transportation methods, which camps or lodges you may consider for your stay, and what activities you can have on your tour itinerary.

Transport options

Kenya's capital, Nairobi and New Delhi are 5435 kilometers (3377 miles) apart. One-stop flights from New Delhi to Nairobi take 9 hours and 55 minutes to complete.  Alternatively, you could begin your Kenya tours from India by flying from Mumbai to Kenya. 

Once in Nairobi, the journey from Nairobi to the Masai Mara Game Reserve is approximately 225 kilometers (140 miles), though this varies depending on which entry gate you intend to use. 

The distance varies depending on which Masai Mara gate or entry point you want to visit, from 225 km (140 miles) to 275 km (170 miles). The closest entrance from Nairobi is Sekenani.

Besides Sekenani are Talek, Oloolaimutia, Musiara, and Oloololo gates, some of which are on the Narok side of the reserve. Road travel is the most common way to get from Nairobi to Masai Mara. The entire stretch of road from Nairobi to Masai Mara is paved (Sekenani Gate). 

Regarding travel time, you should usually budget 5.5 hours for most Narok County side or eastern reserve entry gates, like Sekenani, Talek, and Ololaimutia. And up to 6 to 6.5 hours for Musiara and Oloololo gates, which are closer to the Maasai Mara Conservancy and Mara Triangle.

Road transfers allow you to sample some breathtaking scenery and sights along the way, such as the Great Rift Valley.

Besides traveling by road, you may also consider domestic air transport when taking a trip to Masai Mara from India. 

It only takes about an hour to fly from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to several airstrips in the Mara.

That makes flying to the Masai Mara a more practical choice for visitors who are pressed for time.

Accommodation options

The Kenya tourism circuit boasts world-class amenities and services, and the Masai Mara is no different.

As one of the premier wildlife destinations, a Masai Mara tour comes with varied accommodation options that largely depend on your budget.

In other words, the Mara has a facility for every pocket, thanks to its highly advanced hospitality environment consisting of over 100 camps and lodges.

The different classes of hotels are clustered according to a wide range of factors. 

These include those strategically located with the most access to wildlife, the food quality and service, room size, amenities, facilities, ease of logistical travel, and much more.

Top of the range is the luxury hotels, denoting first-rate, lavish lodging. These offer private access to extraordinary sites and expert guides, small camp sizes, first-rate service, delectable food, opulent tents or boutique rooms, and much more.

Examples of these include the Mahali Mzuri resort, Hotel Fairmont Mara Safari Club, and Olare Mara Kempinski.

On the other hand, mid-luxury or mid-budget accommodations are those which strike a good mix between quality and budget. 

These accommodations have features similar to the luxury tier but are on the lower end, with slightly more campers and fewer strategic locations.

Mid-luxury hotels include the PrideInn Mara Camp, Mara Duma Bush Camp, and Oltome Mara, among others.

Lastly, we have amenities for those on a low-budget Masai Mara tour. 

These are ideal for tourists on a Kenya safari from India with a tight budget who prefer accessibility to larger, more modest camps and lodges.

This class of accommodations is low on aesthetics and top-rated guides. They also tend to be located in the more remote sections of the reserve. 

Examples of budget camps in the Mara include the Crocodile Camp Masai Mara and Kichakani Mara Camp among others.

Fun activities on a Masai Mara tour

You can kick off your Kenya safari from India by getting up at the crack of dawn and going on a memorable hot air balloon tour high over the stunning Mara grasslands. 

Fly serenely while taking in the breathtaking aerial view of all the animals below, including the Great Migration, if you're fortunate. 

In the same way, it began, your hot air balloon safari ends in high gear, with an incredible, full champagne brunch served in the middle of the Mara.

Another fun option for your itinerary is a game drive. The Mara is a natural wildlife refuge all year-round, with a mind-boggling concentration of diverse creatures. 

Join knowledgeable rangers on their twice-daily informative game drives as they reveal the Mara's treasures.

You could also go for a once-in-a-lifetime guided walking safari, rediscover your sense of adventure and walk in the footsteps of ancestors and ancient explorers.

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