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Experience Hot Springs at Banff National Park, Canada

November 06, 2017 11:04 AM

Punjab News Express/Kulbir Singh Kalsi
CHANDIGARH: Every year, a large number of travellers, soon after completing their laps on the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, head to Banff National Park to experience unforgettable sensory views, breathtaking scenery and the inviting emerald green hotwater springs that flow in the Banff area.

The history of these hot springs dates back to 1883, when three rail workers werebelieved to have tripped over the steamy hot water coming out of a cave. The source of this was later discovered to be the lower slopes of Sulphur Mountain. Who would have thought then that those springs would one day be the building blocks of the first National Park of Canada – The Banff?

During the late 19th century, ‘water cure’ operations were started in Banff as it was claimed that the hot, mineral-rich springs had healing properties. For thoselooking fora cure to their aches, this place became a Mecca.

If you are visiting the Banff National Park in 2017, you will come across numerous body-healing options that are now being offered in the form of modern spas.

1. Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Upper Hot Springs, at a height of 1585m, top the list and offer visitors the best and the most beneficial hot water bath of their life. These springs are the last remaining springs open to the public for bathing. The facilities here include a large pool and a café.

2. The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs

Open any travel magazine and you will find the name of Willow Stream Spa listed as one of the top spa destinations in the world. The place is unique and is an epitome of relaxation that magically rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

3. Mountain Spa

If sitting inside a body-healing hot spring while exploring the beauty of gorgeous high mountains is what you want, experience the Mountain Spa at Banff National Park that works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions. Above all, it offers a 360-degree view of the Canadian mountains from its rooftop terrace, a never-to-be-missed sight.

4. The Red Earth Spa

The hot waters of the Red Earth Spa at Banff Caribou Lodge feed the souls of visitors. The place has six rooms, where people suffering from different bodily ailments are treated. Also, it offers a full-time body rejuvenating spa service.

5. The Grotto Pool And Spa

The speciality of the Grotto Pool and Spa is that it uses vegan and organic products, which are highly beneficial to remineralise the body, and replenish it with nutrients and elements that are lost on a daily basis.

The best time to visit Banff National Park is in winter, when you get to see snow falling on the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, while lounging in the hot springs. Anyone visiting Canada must experience this incredible place!

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