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Cardiovascular diseases on rise in hilly areas: expert

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | November 28, 2023 07:47 AM

SHIMLA: As many as 350 students and staff members attended a health workshop on ‘rising menace of cardiac diseases and its management’ at Shakuntla Memorial B.Sc. College of Nursing at Sidhpura village in this district on Friday.

Addressing the workshop , Dr Deepak Puri, senior cardiovascular surgeon at Max Hospital, Mohali said, “People living in hilly areas face hardships due to high altitude and distant location from cardiovascular facilities and are many times unable to get medical help in time. The cardiovascular complications including heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest and stroke, ”

He said that timely medical assistance is very crucial in cardiac related complications.

He also raised the concern that even in hilly areas with modernization prevalence of sedentary lifestyle and faulty dietary as well as smoking and addictions habits is on the rise among youngsters.

This is responsible for the constantly rising incidence of heart attacks. The incidence of heart failure and kidney failure is also rising because appropriate cardiac facilities are not available nearby, he opined.

Dr. Puri further said that it is important to educate the youngsters of hilly regions about the risk factors and symptoms that would create suspicion of onset of cardiovascular disease as early as possible . They should also be able to deliver basic life support in dire emergencies till expert cardiovascular facilities are available, he maintained.

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