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Prarthana's driving lesson takes a tragic turn in 'Pushpa Impossible'

IANS | May 22, 2024 12:57 PM

MUMBAI: In the upcoming episodes of 'Pushpa Impossible', Prarthana's (Indraxi Kanjilal) driving lesson takes a tragic turn, as while driving with her husband Chirag (Darshan Gurjar), Prarthana fatally hits Ashwin (Naveen Pandita) and Bhaskar (Vikram Mehta) who are on a road trip.

This crash fills the storyline with suspense, leaving viewers guessing about who might have been killed.

As the drama intensifies, Prarthana, now in hospital, painfully realises that she might have killed someone. The aftermath of the accident will unfold, revealing the emotional toll on the Pushpa family.

It will be interesting to watch how they will cope with this devastating situation.

Talking about the upcoming episodes, Indraxi shared: "During the shooting of these scenes, as an actor, I underwent a whirlwind of emotions. As Prarthana's driving lesson turned tragic, her excitement turned into fear, panic, and disbelief. While she was thrilled to finally learn how to drive, the fatal accident left her shaken. Worst of all, she realises that she might have killed her own people in the bargain."

"It will shock the viewers too when the truth is revealed in the upcoming episodes. Personally, as an actor, it is difficult to shoot such scenes. You need to ensure that the timing is right and you need to be in sync with the action choreography. It was a challenging day of shooting and it was a huge learning experience for me, " she added.

'Pushpa Impossible' airs on Sony SAB.

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