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Martin Scorsese lauds Leonardo DiCaprio's growth as an actor

IANS | September 28, 2023 05:21 PM

LOS ANGELES: Filmmaker Martin Scorsese says that actor DiCaprio changes in life when he's changing on film, singing praises of the ‘Titanic’ star’s range, calling him a very dynamic and versatile performer.

Talking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Martin Scorsese admitted that he loves working with Leonardo DiCaprio, and even praised the ‘Shutter Island’ star’s growth as an actor during the New York City premiere of his latest film, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ that features DiCaprio.

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ has all the makings of a classic Western combined with elements of an investigative mystery and some level of horror. DiCaprio will essay the role of Tom White, an incorruptible Texas Ranger-turned FBI agent sent to Oklahoma in the early 1920s by J Edgar Hoover to answer a desperate call from the Osage Indian Nation.

The Osage become the wealthiest people per capita in the world due to the vast supply of oil being harvested from their lands.

At the same time, many of them were beginning to die in alarming numbers — and under highly suspicious circumstances.

While it offered a strong set-up for a murder mystery, the initial script didn’t sit right with either Scorsese or with DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, as all three began to realise that it would be inappropriate to serve up a white-saviour Western story.

As such, Scorsese started over, grabbing the chance to tell a story that would resonate in a modern era, forcing audiences to confront their own darkest instincts.

The film explores just how far people are willing to go for the love of money, and all that they can even betray as they cast their morality aside.

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