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Fahmaan Khan: Don’t think TV is not practical, we just dramatise everything we show

IANS | May 26, 2024 11:38 AM

MUMBAI: Television sensation Fahmaan Khan Khan has opened up about what made shows on the small screen so popular in the 2000s. The actor said that Indian television has a very dramatic format for storytelling and added that he doesn't think the small screen is not practical.

 Talking about what made shows in the 2000s so popular, Fahmaan told IANS: “Firstly, Ekta Kapoor did a fabulous job with bringing the kind of dramas that she did. I think that’s where it started and began to boom. But I think we caught on to our own identity of storytelling.”

The actor asserted that Indian television has its own unique way of putting across stories and telling them.

“Indian television has a very dramatic format to tell stories, which I think we are as people also. We Indians are dramatic in our lives, although we claim to be very practical today. We are still very dramatic…”

Citing an example, Fahmaan said that a simple sentence like “I love you” in Hindi is more impactful.

“If you have Hindi language it is very dramatic. That is why ‘I love you’ is very simple in English, but in Hindi, 'Main tumse pyaar karta hun' doesn’t come out that simply. It comes out with a lot of drama. Television shows in India became a hit in the 2000s because of the drama we got in, ” said Fahmaan.

The actor, who became a sensation after his roles in shows such as 'Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka?', 'Ishq Mein Marjawan', 'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan', 'Imlie', and 'Pyaar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatani', shared that people do like that.

“Yes, urban cities have evolved, and we tend to cater to more practical stuff. I don’t think that television is not practical, I think we are just dramatising everything we show that is happening in our lives. That is the reason why, ” he said.

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