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Arti Singh is looking forward to her character’s makeover in 'Shravani'

IANS | September 23, 2023 01:42 PM

MUMBAI: Actress Arti Singh, who plays the role of Chandra in the show ‘Shravani’, has revealed why she is looking forward to the makeover her character will be getting in the show ‘Shravani’.

In the earlier episodes, Chandra, was a vision of grandeur, draped in heavy, brightly coloured sarees with heavy embroidered jacket that echoed her role as the Thakurian of the household. Her attire was supported with opulent jewellery, enhancing her commanding presence.

However, with the leap into a new chapter, Chandra has undergone a striking transformation. She now graces the screen in plain chiffon sarees, their simplicity only accentuating her timeless beauty. Her choice of minimal jewellery adds a touch of understated elegance, reaffirming her status as a magnetic and enigmatic character.

Elaborating on the transformation, Arti Singh shared: "I'm really excited about this new transformation, and I am genuinely liking the look. My previous look was quite heavy, adorned with loads of jewellery, but that was an experience in itself.”

“I'm hopeful that this new look will bring a much-needed change to my character in Shravani. It's a fresh chapter, with a narrative that will keep the audience hooked to their TV screens."

The drama airs on Shemaroo Umang.

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