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‘MasterChef India - Telugu’ judges to unleash sustainability challenge on ‘MasterChef India’

IANS | November 21, 2023 01:21 PM

MUMBAI: The upcoming episode of the streaming cooking show 'MasterChef India' will see the judges of 'MasterChef India - Telugu', stepping into the kitchen of the Hindi version of the show.

Chef Chalapathi Rao, Chef Sanjay Thumma, and Chef Nikitha Umesh will serve as guest judges for the latest challenge.

The new challenge will be all about sustainability, pushing home cooks to explore the vast potential of coconut in their creations.

As per the sustainability challenge, home cooks must adopt the principles of sustainability, using coconut as the primary ingredient.

The challenge is intensified by the introduction of a coconut tree adorned with coconuts in various forms and products. To further push the boundaries of creativity, participants are required to incorporate at least four different coconut-based ingredients from the racks.

Chef Sanjay Thumma shared his perspective on the challenge, saying, “The sustainability challenge pushed home cooks to think beyond conventional ingredients and embrace a more eco-friendly approach. It was incredible to see how these talented individuals transformed coconut-based ingredients into gastronomic wonders. This challenge was about showcasing their skills and promoting sustainability through cooking.”

Chef Nikitha Umesh emphasised the significance of sustainability in cooking, stating, “As chefs, we have a responsibility to promote sustainable practices in the kitchen. This challenge showcased the versatility of coconut while encouraging contestants to think about the impact of their culinary choices on the environment. It was heartening to witness the next generation of chefs embrace these values and incorporate them into their cooking.”

Chef Chalapathi Rao said: “Along with testing the technical skills of the home cooks, the Sustainability Challenge pushed them to think sustainably. This challenge was all about showcasing the incredible range this superfood yet humble ingredient has to offer.”

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