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Vote for strong govt, vote for 'Viksit Bharat': PM Modi

IANS | May 26, 2024 03:12 PM

GHOSI (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that he needed people’s blessings to form the next government not for himself or his family but for Viksit Bharat.

Speaking at a rally in Ghosi on Sunday, he said, “The world has its eyes on these elections. They know that a strong government will make India’s voice stronger globally.”

He said, “In the 2012 assembly manifesto, SP (Samajwadi Party) had promised to give quota to Muslims. I belong to most backward castes and I know the pain. The court prevented them from doing so because the constitution does not allow quota on the basis of religion, ” he said.

“These people can go to any limits to appease the vote bank. They want to encroach on the quota of SC/ST and OBC and give their share to Muslims, ” he said and added that first-time voters should read the SP manifesto of 2012 to understand this.

He further said that the Congress and SP had not visited the Ram temple because they wanted to appease their vote bank.

The Congress, he said, had declared schools and colleges as minority institutions only to deprive SC/ST, OBCs of their right to quota. This, he added, is against the spirit of the Constitution.

The Prime Minister listed the schemes he had launched for the welfare of all including pucca houses, free gas cylinders, tap water in every house, toilets and now free electricity with solar panels.

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