Thursday, June 20, 2024


Anand Sharma Will Win by a Huge Majority, Says Kangra Congress Media Coordinator

ARVIND SHARMA | May 20, 2024 12:36 PM

DHARAMSALA: Sanjeev Gandhi, the media coordinator for the Kangra parliamentary constituency, confidently declared that Congress candidate Anand Sharma is poised to win with a significant majority. Gandhi criticized the Modi government for its unfulfilled promises and mounting national debt.

Gandhi highlighted the unfulfilled promise of the Modi government to provide two crore jobs annually, noting that it hasn't even managed to employ 100 people. He emphasized the growing dissatisfaction among the youth, who feel betrayed by the BJP's false assurances.

He pointed out the stark contrast in national debt between the UPA and the current government. "When the UPA was in power, the national debt stood at Rs 64 lakh crore. Under Modi, it has ballooned to over Rs 170 lakh crore, " Gandhi stated, questioning the transparency and utilization of these funds.

Gandhi also reminded the public of Narendra Modi's promise to deposit Rs 15 lakh into every citizen's account, a pledge that remains unfulfilled after ten years. He accused BJP leaders of attempting to deceive the electorate again with hollow promises as the Lok Sabha elections approach.

"Inflation is soaring, oil prices are skyrocketing, the unemployed are disillusioned, farmers are protesting, and the country's economic condition is deteriorating, " Gandhi asserted. He concluded by challenging BJP leaders to address these pressing issues and provide accountability to the public.

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