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Nuclear family structure, children emotionally blackmailing parents to fulfilling their own desires

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS5 | June 14, 2023 03:43 PM
Arvind Sharma
Arvind Sharma

By Arvind Sharna

In today's society, the nuclear family structure is prevalent, and it is common for every member of the family to be employed. Unfortunately, this has led to a concerning trend of elderly parents being mistreated and taken advantage of. In the traditional family structure where multiple generations lived together and cared for one another has now become less common. As a result, elderly parents are often left alone and neglected, and it is also common that children now emotionally blackmailing parents too.

It's no secret that children often turn to their parents for support and guidance in important life decisions. However, it seems that some children have taken things a step further by manipulating their parents into fulfilling their own desires - namely, getting married and raring of the grandchildren. This trend of using parents as a means to an end has become all too common in recent years, with some adult children even resorting to emotional blackmail or financial pressure to achieve their goals. In many cases, the ultimate outcome is a strained relationship between parent and child, as well as a feeling of resentment on the part of the parent who feels used and unappreciated. While it's natural for parents to want to support their children in every way possible, it's important for them to remember that they also deserve respect and consideration from their offspring.

This mistreatment of elderly parents is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It is important for families to prioritize the well-being of their elderly members and ensure that they are not being taken advantage of or neglected. This can be achieved through regular check-ins, hiring caregivers, or even considering alternative living arrangements such as assisted living facilities.

Overall, it is crucial for society to recognize the importance of caring for our elderly population and take action to prevent their mistreatment.

Author Arvind Sharma is Senior freelance journalist at Dharamsala (Himachal)

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