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The identity of Sikhs should be highlighted separately in the South Asian Museum being built in British Columbia, Canada: Grewal

AMRIK SINGH | October 16, 2023 09:49 PM

AMRITSAR: Shiromani Gurdwara Management Committee General Secretary Bhai Gurcharan Singh Grewal has written a letter to Canada's Minister of Heritage, Pascal St. Onge, demanding respect for Canadian Sikhs as their identity in the 'South Asian Museum' being built in British Columbia.

In the letter written by Bhai Grewal, it is said that Sikhs have different history, traditions and background. Punjabis and especially Sikhs have taken a long and hard work to make their place in Canada. Bhai Grewal said that when Sikhs achieve something, they are lumped under the name of South Asian, which is an insult to people with a unique identity. Of course, Sikhs have gone from Punjab to the region in South Asia, but only by this they do not become South Asians, but also have their own distinct identity.

He wrote in the letter that many people live in South Asia, to lump their identity under one name is to deny the separate existence of all. Bhai Grewal also wrote that a campaign is being launched by the Sikhs living in Canada to have the achievements of the Sikhs recognized as Canadian Sikhs and not as South Asians. The achievements of not only the Sikhs but of every community should be linked with the distinctive names of the different communities, so that Canada's multi-community culture emerges.

It was written in the letter that in the golden pages of the history of Canada, Sant Teja Singh, Mewa Singh Lopoke, Gadri Babas identify as Sikhs and to conflate their heritage as South Asian would be unfair to Sikh and Punjabi identity. Through the letter, it was demanded that according to the sentiments of the Canadian Sikhs, special attention should be given to the unique identity of the Canadian Sikhs in the South Asian Museum being built in British Columbia.

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