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Student protest in Canada: MYSO declares allegations by Algoma University Brampton as baseless

DALJEET KAUR | January 20, 2024 10:39 PM

Complete victory of Canada's student struggle, several students from Punjab were 'failed'
TORONTO: For the past several days, the students of Algoma University have been struggling for their rightful demands. The 'Montreal Youth Student Organization' (MYSO) is involved in a right-wing student struggle by Algoma University demanding fair evaluation of the papers of the large number of failed students, accountability of the university, dismissal of the professor concerned and transparency in the examination process.

A large number of failed students in various courses have taken up the university's demands for passing the failed students, fair evaluation and re-sit papers through the struggle. This is a complete victory of the student struggle. Meanwhile, the university has accused the 'Montreal Youth Student Organization' (Myso) of physical and verbal assault and violence on some students of the university. The university wrote in its written statement that Myso is the same organization that has been mobilizing protests in other colleges and universities in Canada. In its statement, the university expressed its apprehension of insecurity by referring to the 'verbal confrontation' with the protesters during the movie night program organized by the Algoma University Student Union (AUSU) on Wednesday evening. In this statement, the university has also accused Myso of falsely promising students to get good marks by protesting.

MYSO leaders Khushpal Grewal, Mandeep, Manpreet Kaur and Harinder Mehrok termed these allegations of the university as false and baseless. He said that Myso did not demand or struggle to force the failed students to pass anywhere. Myso's official statements, demand letters sent to the university and various ministers of Canada have been fought over the demand for fair assessment of papers, accountability of the university, dismissal of the professor concerned and transparency in the examination process. Second, Myso supports the students' peaceful and constitutional struggle and has not been a part of any violent action. Thirdly, none of the incidents on Wednesday evening involved any representative of Myso, rather it was just some university students who were deliberately clashing with the protesting students and trying to divert the struggle. Myso and other organizations sat with the students who were struggling in the bitter cold and the university administration did not see the need at all to come up with a solution for the problems of their students by talking to the struggling students and myso, on the contrary University Myso and There is a way to blame the struggling students.

The leaders of MYSO MYSO said that the university is spreading false propaganda that MYSO falsely promised the students to get good marks by protesting but on the contrary, the university without any fair evaluation, transparency and accountability has given a large number of students first. Failed then passed some students himself and again accused some students of copying. He said that in fact the university has come in a shambles due to the fact that the university students under the right leadership of Myso have exposed the lies and failures of the university which it has been doing for the past years. The leaders said that this is not the first or the last incident when such baseless accusations have been made against student conscious and organizing organizations and their leaders. Even earlier, after the victory of the struggle in Northbay's Canadore College, Myso was accused of a 'publicity stunt'. He said that actually the university wants to acquit itself by blaming its failures on Myso. The leaders said that Myso is not afraid of such false propaganda of the university, but in the future they will continue to struggle for student rights.

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