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Sahaita partners with Atam Pargas to support 70 families of farmers who have passed away in Delhi protest

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | October 24, 2021 01:14 PM

Fremont, CA: Fulfilling its commitment to empower the underprivileged, today Sahaita announced it is establishing a partnership with Atam Pargas Social Welfare Council. Under this partnership Sahaita will support an additional 70 families of farmers or farm laborers who have lost their life during or at the Delhi border farmer protest sites.

Since its inception in 2005, Sahaita has stayed relevant by pivoting and adapting to the needs on the ground, be it in Punjab or abroad. Over the last 5 years Sahaita has focused on providing education for the children of Punjab’s farmers and farm laborers, to ensure they can join the service economy and provide for their families. Under our farmer support Sahaita currently supports 250 farmer families in Punjab, with over 300 students in various schools and colleges.

Atam Pargas, led by Dr. Varinder Pal Singh, Principal Soil Scientist from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana along with the board and team of coordinators has committed over 60 hours of research and due diligence into each family. This due diligence has highlighted each family’s financial situation, documenting their income, debt, and support they have received to date from various other organizations.

Based on the due diligence Atam Pargas has created a plan for each family, ranging from one time investment for some families to help them establish a source of income; in other cases where the family needed monthly support, they have recommended a monthly support amount for the family to cover their living expenses.

Sahaita board approved funds to support 70 families, whereas some need one time investment to cover debt or to establish an income source, while others need a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses. Sahaita’s sponsorship will enable Atam Pargas to make these families self-dependent and be able to support themselves.

As part of the alliance, Sahaita will also appoint a coordinator to join Atam Pargas team in India, tasked with helping manage and coordinate our efforts between the two organizations.

Sahaita takes pride in being a 100% volunteer managed organization in US and Canada, saving millions in executive director and board salaries ensuring prudent use of donated funds. Our partnership with Atam Pargas aligns us with a like-minded and well managed organization that takes pride in conducting due diligence and ensuring that donations make the most impact on the ground. To that end, both organizations will make available the list of families adopted by Sahaita and allow individuals to adopt these families via Sahaita website at 

On October 30th 2021, Sahaita will be hosting its annual fundraising event at Pleasanton Senior Center, Centennial Park, 5353 Sunol Blvd, Pleasanton, CA. with special guest Raj Kakra. Sahaita board members will be available to meet and further discuss this partnership along with a presentation overview of our projects and our impact in 2021 will be delivered. More information on our Sahaita Mehfil Night is available on our Facebook page at

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