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Canadian MP Iqwinder Gaheer meets UK MP Tan Dhesi in Slough

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 07, 2024 08:08 PM

Both leaders discuss international political and global Sikh issues
CHANDIGARH: The Sikh Member of Parliament from Britain, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, hosted a meeting with Canadian counterpart Iqwinder Singh Gaheer during the latter's visit to the United Kingdom. The meeting took place in Slough, where both MPs engaged in discussions covering a wide array of political and global Sikh matters.

In a press statement, Tan Dhesi hailed Iqwinder Singh Gaheer as a promising and dynamic individual, possessing immense potential to contribute significantly to the welfare of the Sikh community in Canada. "It was an enriching discussion revolving around various facets of international politics, recent global Sikh concerns, and the exploration of opportunities to fortify the bilateral relationship between our nations, " stated Dhesi.

The interaction between the two distinguished parliamentarians centered on fostering deeper understanding and cooperation on issues pertinent to the Sikh community, as well as broader global political affairs. The deliberations aimed at identifying pathways to enhance collaboration and solidarity between Canada and the United Kingdom while addressing shared concerns and interests of the Sikh diaspora worldwide.

Tan Dhesi highlighted the importance of such dialogues in promoting cross-border understanding and emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing common challenges faced by Sikhs globally. Both MPs expressed their commitment to continue such constructive engagements for the betterment of their respective communities and fostering stronger ties between their nations.

This meeting serves as a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of leaders striving to address critical issues impacting the Sikh community on a global scale, promoting unity, and seeking avenues for cooperation between nations.

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