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Guj BJP MLA claims threat to life from bootleggers, land sharks

IANS | February 07, 2023 01:01 PM

GUJARAT: BJP MLA K.C. Rathod has claimed a threat to his life from bootleggers and land sharks.

He said that they have given contracts to kill him, and he feared that though he has been provided protection by the state government, he will get killed.

Rathod, who won the 2022 Assembly elections from Una constituency with 40, 000 vote-margin, on Monday while speaking to media raised concerns for his life.

"I fear this threat because in the past, two years ago, though I had police protection, they had attacked me and I suffered injuries. Now the government has provided me two SRP jawans to protect me, but if someone wants to gun me down, he will do it, as criminals are not afraid of committing crime."

First time he had publicly raised the issue of threat to his life was on Sunday during a mass marriage event in his constituency.

He said he fears that bootleggers from Una or Diu (union territory) or land sharks from the constituency, against whom he has raised his voice, have given the contract to kill him to shooters or goons who can be local or from outside Gujarat.

He also claimed that whenever he has confirmed information about threat to his life or contract given, he has duly informed the local police.

Political sources said two bootleggers, Ravi and Rashik, have grudges against him and in the past Ravi was arrested for an attack on Rathod. A Koli Community bigwig too has political rivalry with the sitting MLA.

That is the reason, Rathod said, "Possibility of political hand behind the contract given by bootlegger or landshark can't be ruled out."

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