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'Drunk' army man arrested in Patna, family denies claims

IANS | July 09, 2021 08:58 AM

PATNA: An Indian army soldier, who was allegedly drunk, was arrested in a raid in the Bihar capital, police said on Thursday.Khusrupur SHO Tri Chandra Bhanu told IANS that the police personnel went on a raid in plain clothes.

"We had a tip-off about the illegal trade of liquor in the area. A team of police personnel in civil dress went there for a raid. As the activities of the soldier named Subodh Kumar looked suspicious, he was nabbed by them, " he said.

"During breath analysis, the alcometer has detected high liquor levels. Subsequently, he was booked under relevant sections of the prohibition act, " Bhanu said.

On the other hand, Subodh Kumar's relatives claimed that he was sitting outside his house when a police team came there and beat him after he asked them why they were there.

"We have also captured the video and photographs of the incident where 4 police personnel in civil dress were involved in assaulting Subodh, " said one of the relatives who did not wish to be named.

"The police personnel framed him on the charge of liquor consumption. When we went to the police station, they also misbehaved with us and used abusive language, " he said.

The SHO, however, denied the allegations.

"We have no personal enmity with that person. Our personnel did not even know that he was an army personnel. We later learnt that he is an army personnel. He was found drunk and our police personnel have acted accordingly to make area liquor-free, " the officer said.

Subodh Kumar was deployed in the Ladakh region and recently came to home on leave.

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