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Delhi Police chargesheet reveals nexus between ISI, Khalistani extremists, Bambiha gang to carry out targeted killings

IANS | September 26, 2023 05:08 PM

NEW DELHI: A Delhi Police's chargesheet, submitted here in Patiala House Court, has revealed a terrorism nexus, orchestrated by Pakistan's ISI (Inter-State Intelligence Agency), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Khalistani separatists, including the Canada-based terrorist Arshdeep Singh alias Arsh Dalla, and Punjab's Davinder Bambiha gang to carry out targeted killings across the country.

The investigation was prompted by the discovery of a dismembered body, found in three pieces in Delhi's Bhalswa Dairy area. The gruesome discovery led to the arrest of two individuals, Jagjit Singh alias Jagga alias Yaqub and Naushad, with suspected ties to terrorist organisations.

Jagjit Singh hails from Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand, while Naushad is a resident of Jahangirpuri in Delhi.

The chargesheet, which has been obtained by IANS, discloses the sinister plans of ISI and Khalistan separatists to carry out targeted assassinations of prominent public figures in the National Capital Region (NCR) and neighbouring states.

As per charge sheet, these acts were intended to be executed with the involvement of gangsters.

Arsh Dalla and the Bambiha gang played a pivotal role in facilitating these operations, providing motorcycles, weapons, and funds for assassinations throughout the country. "While being lodged in Haldwani Jail, Naushad came in contact with one accused Jagjit Singh who was a motivated Khalistani extremist and was associated with Davinder Bambiha gang. Both these persons shared their thoughts and ideology to work together in India to propel their disruptive activities in India, " read the chargesheet.

"In May 2022, Jagjit was released on parole but he jumped it and absconded. In August 2022, Jagjit called Naushad and told him that he has jumped the parole. Accused Naushad called him to Delhi and arranged second floor in B Block Jahangirpuri on rent and they both decided to continue their terror activities together, " it added.

"During his period of absconding Jagga came in contact with designated Khalistani terrorist Arshdeep alias Arsh Dalla who had instructed him to murder some leaders of the RSS and the prominent persons who are against the Khalistani Movement in Punjab, " the chargesheet claimed.

"A nexus had developed between Pakistan-based one Suhail, Naushad, Jagga and Arsh Dalla to commit terror activities on the instruction of LeT and on the other hand, on the instructions of designated terrorist Arsh Dalla in Punjab and other parts of the country. They have been tasked to kill Sadhus/Religious leaders and also commit targeted killings in Punjab for which they have received money, weapons from Suhail and Arsh Dalla, " the chargesheet read.

Police have also recovered incriminating chats and conversation between Arsh Dalla and Jagjit Singh. "They are talking about the arrangement of bikes and the arrangement of boys, " the chargesheet stated.

Police also claimed to have recovered incriminating chats and conversation between one Prabhjeet Singh (suspected to be Khalistani supporter) based in Germany and Jagjit Singh using a virtual number.

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