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Scindia to MP Arora: All Approvals in place for Chandigarh Airport for flying to any part of World

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | June 08, 2023 05:40 PM

LUDHIANA: Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya M Scindia has replied to AAP MP (Rajya Sabha) from Ludhiana Sanjeev Arora about expanding the international connectivity of Chandigarh airport by linking it to more global destinations.

With reference to Arora’s letter dated May 12, 2023, wherein the issue of expanding international connectivity from Chandigarh has been raised, the Union Minister has mentioned that he has been informed that currently, Air India is operating 2 flights per week to Sharjah and Indigo is operating 7 flights per week to Dubai airport, from Chandigarh airport.

Minister of Civil Aviation further wrote in his reply to Arora that Indian designated carriers are free to mount operations to/from any international airport including Chandigarh to any foreign destinations under the ambit of bilateral ASAs (Air Services Agreement) concluded by India with foreign countries as per mutually agreed capacity limits. However, start of international flights from any point in India is purely a commercial decision of the airlines based on the economic viability of the route and other associated factors.

Further, the Union Minister wrote in his letter that as such, the government has provided an enabling environment for the growth of the civil aviation sector but does not interfere in the operational plans of the airlines.

Concluding, the Union Minister stated that the Civil Aviation Ministry is committed towards increasing international operations to/from Chandigarh with the support of Indian carriers soon.

Arora, in his letter addressed to the Civil Aviation Minister on May 12 this year had mentioned that as a Member of Parliament from Punjab, he would like to bring to his attention the need for more exposure to global destinations for the state. While the new airport in Ludhiana is a significant step, it is crucial to connect other major cities in Punjab to international hubs like Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Arora had pointed out that by connecting Chandigarh to these major hubs, international buyers and investors can be provided with more ease in coming to the area of Punjab, Haryana And Himachal Pradesh. This will not only benefit the area's economy but also contribute to the overall development of the country.

Arora, therefore, had urged upon the Civil Aviation Minister to consider his request to connect Punjab to more global destinations. He had expressed his confidence stating that the Minister’s continued efforts will result in further progress and development for the region.

Appreciating the positive response give to him by the Union Minister, Arora said he really appreciate Scindia for replying to his letter with all the facts and commitment towards increasing international operations to/from Chandigarh with the support of Indian carriers soon. Arora hoped to see some concrete and positive results towards this direction in the future.

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