Friday, October 22, 2021


Punjab power crisis continues for the seventh day

Vinod Gupta | October 14, 2021 08:18 PM

CHANDIGARH:The Punjab power crises continues to be grim after closure of two units of Talwandi Sabo on technical faults and one unit of Lehra Mohabatt on coal shortage and the scheduled and unscheduled power cuts of various durations have been imposed.
Eight of the ten running units are operating at reduced load and generating
about 3000 MW on Thursday afternoon. The hydro generation on Thursday is about 440 MW.
The power from Tata Mundra may be available by tomorrow as one of its
five 800 MW units at Mundra started on Wednesday evening. to supply power to Gujarat and Punjab.Of the first unit, 600 MW has been allocated to Gujarat and 160 MW to Punjab. The second unit will come up by Thursday night and the third by Saturday morning
The Ranjit Sagar Dam project has started its operation and generating about 120 MW. .
On Wednesday restricted power supply in the state was 1952 lakh units
and the demand was 2005 lakh units.
The power purchase made by the PSPCL was 300 lakh units @ Rs.10.55 per unit.
The coal stock at Ropar and Lehra Mohabatt is sufficient for 2.3 and 1, 5 days respectively.Rajpura thermal has 2.2 days stock, Talwandi Sabo has 1.9 days stock and GVK has one days stock.
V K Gupta spokesperson All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) informed that the federation in a letter to PUnjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) has urged to intervene as there are gross violations of power purchase agreement between Tata power and PSPCL.
PSPCL was taking action to procure electricity at rate higher than the PPA rate
and there was further no basis to bypass the PSERC either.PSPCL should be advised to invariably take legal opinion on such matters of PPAs, particularly as have been already decided by the Supreme Court.

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