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Chandigarh faces 40 degrees of frustration and heat

YS RANA | April 09, 2022 11:57 AM

CHANDIGARH: Did seem like one had entered a blast furnace as soon as you stepped out of the house on Friday? Hall the Chandigarh summer. The mercury on Friday shot up to a dizzying 39.6 degree celcius, the maximum temperature recorded in Chandigarh, making it the hottest day of April so far. The temperature was seven degrees above normal in the city.

Sadly, there is no respite in sight with the Met Department predicting that the sweltering weather would persist over next two weeks. It is also stated that temperature would cross 40 degrees celcius within next 48 hours. According to Met Department on Saturday maximum temperature is likely to hover around 40 degree celcius and minimum will be 20 degrees celcius. On Sunday the temperature will be 41 degree celcius and there will no respite from hot waves in Chandigarh.

Night temperatures will be in the range of 20 degrees celcius-22 degrees celcius. In the absence of any cloud cover and low humidity in the air, the sun will be shining bright all through the next week, Met officials said.

Chandigarh is among the country’s several parts reeling under heat-wave like conditions. In Punjab the temperature crossed 43 degrees celcius first time in April during the past 12 years whereas the mercury has crossed 44 degree celcius in Haryana. The highest temperature was recorded in Sonepat 44.8 degrees celcius while Muktsar in Punjab is the hottest with 43.1 degrees celcius.

Skin experts say that the unusual rise in day temperatures has increased the cases of skin disorders in the city. Queues at skin OPDs in hospitals are getting longer by the day. “We are receiving more cases than last year of skin problems. Mostly, the patients are coming with problems like dryness, ” said they. Cases of skin disorders are increasing every day. Skin disorders ranging from redness, burning sensation over face, itching, eczematous disorders, excessive dryness, chapping of lips, acne, perioral dermatitis, premature ageing of skin, wrinkling, greying of hair and skin pigmentation.

Heat is clearly the primary causative factor for PMLE. Exposure to sunlight causes skin irritation, which may be itchy or painful. More than 20 per cent people can be affected because it is caused by UVA or UVB rays. PMLE affects females two to three times more than males. Experts advise to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and try wear cotton clothes.

Following rules can save your from skin ailments: 10 glasses of water a day; fruits; fresh juice; diet rich in beta-carotenes, fully covered body; cotton clothes, avoiding going out during noon.

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