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World Ozone Day celebrated at Rayat Bahra University

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | September 22, 2021 04:09 PM

MOHALI: A panel discussion was organized by Rayat Bahra University in collaboration with Aruna Asaf Ali PG College, Kalka, to mark World Ozone Day. The theme of the discussion was 'Ozone for Life’.

The main purpose of the day is to spread awareness among masses about the disastrous impact of ozone layer depletion, its significance and to suggest remedial measures for the same.

Dr Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Rayat Bahra University, Prof Promila Malik, Principal of Aruna Asaf Ali PGGC, Kalka, Dr MC Sidhu, Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr Simerjit kaur, Dean of Student Welfare, Rayat Bahra University, Dr Gulshan Kumar, Department of Geography, Aruna Asaf Ali PG College, Kalka and Sunita Arya, Department of Environmental Sciences, PGGCG-42, Chandigarh, were the panelists. Various issues, challenges and remedial measures were discussed by the experts.

Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Chancellor of the Rayat Bahra University, sent a message wishing the event a grand success.

Dr Parvinder Singh briefly discussed the ozone layer formation, its significance and preventive measures.

Prof MC Sidhu highlighted how climate change is affecting farming and food sustainability and how India can cope with climate change effects. Prof Promila Malik, Principal, Aruna Asaf Ali PG College, spoke about the Montreal and Kyoto protocols and how Montreal Protocol has been successful in reducing ozone-depleting gases in the atmosphere.

Dr Gulshan enlightened the audience about the relationship among changes in the sun, continental drift and volcanic eruptions and the ozone layer depletion. Sunita Arya discussed the role of an individual to counter the issues of ‘ozone depletion.

Dr Simerjit kaur Shergill, Dean, Student Welfare, welcomed and introduced the panelists. She moderated the entire session and discussed the issues and solution for the preservation of the ozone layer. She underlined the need to save ozone as no life is possible without it.

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