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Why Data Science Matters and How It Powers the Business sector?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | November 15, 2021 03:03 PM

The role of Data Scientists in an organisation

With the growing demand for Data Scientists in the organization, it is quite reasonable to ponder over the requirement of Data Scientists in organizations. More so, it would be apt to wonder the exact role played by Data Scientists in organizations. You can become a Data Scientist by enrolling in a Best Data Science Course in Chandigarh.

To begin with, Data Scientists play a key role in analyzing the gathered data sets. Oftentimes, data science contributes to the collection of data too. Data Scientists preliminarily deal with structured data as well as unstructured data. The analysis of data involves the combined knowledge of maths, computer science, and statistics. The combination of knowledge helps in the modeling of data, in addition to the interpretation of data. This in turn contributes to fine-tuning the actionable plans of the organization.

Typically, Data Scientists implement the utilization of technology, in addition to social science. This comes in handy in understanding the trends and predicting the trends. This is useful in the proper management of data too.

As a Data Scientist, you will collect data from social media, smart technologies, and more of such sort. These are oftentimes raw. Based on your extensive understanding, you will solve various business challenges.

Currently, the title of Data Scientist varies from one place to another, and from one organization to another. Generally, as a Data Scientist, you would work under the titles such as data analyst, architect, business intelligence specialist, and data engineer.

Speaking of the role as a Data Scientist, you will be responsible for various niches of data analysis, such as data acquisition, cleaning of data, integration of data, storage of data, investigation of data, measurement of data (subsequent improvement of results), adjustment of data, presentation of the solution to stakeholders, and exploratory analysis of data.

Across the globe, as a Data Scientist, you can earn between $87, 000 to $121000 per annum. You can increase your earning potential throughout the years. 

Starting your data science career is quite simple. As a part of your skills checklist, ensure that you have core skills such as statistical analysis, machine learning, programming, data storytelling, business intuition, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and inquisitiveness.

In brief, as a Data Scientist, you will use the data to optimize, develop, innovate, and do other activities of similar nature. Check out the Data Science Tutorial to know more.

Following the basic understanding of data science, it is now time to understand the importance of data science in the organization. More specifically, the core reasons why the need for data science/ Data Scientists is increasing every day.


- To begin with, the growth of data science is closely associated with its ability to enable organizations to make better decisions compared to their competitors.

- A simple comparison of iPhone service iTunes and the popular virtual reality game Pokemon would make sense of the importance of data science. It took years to reach millions of users in the case of iTunes. On the other hand, the Pokemon game was able to reach millions of users in a matter of a few days. This is the power of data science. With the correct data in the presence of the right Data Scientist's skill, your reach will be astronomical.

- With over a zillion bytes of data generated on a daily basis, the value of data has been consistently overtaking the value of oil monetarily. Thus, there are several possibilities that the data you obtain are crude or have information that is placed to distract you from analyzing, and more of such sort. Thus, it is important to place the data in the skillful hands of the Data Scientists to extract only the relevant data and to subsequently gain good organizational results.

- The power of data is immense. This holds true for the aspect of customer retention. Customer retention is oftentimes related to the provision of customer experience by your organization. The better the organization, the better the retention percentile of the customer will be. With the proper analysis of data by Data Scientists, it is extremely easy to provide great customer service to your customers.

- The concept of data science is futuristic. With the right data, it is always easy to expand your organization's opportunities in other service sectors. This includes the banking, manufacturing, and transportation sector.

Apart from the benefits offered by data science in general, it is often said by several Data Scientists that their job is very rewarding in general. Why? The following segment will address the same.


- Currently, the need for Data Scientists is increasing due to the growing demand among customers, and the consistent growth/ development of new organizations. Thus, even as a beginner, you will be able to find a good-paying job in the field. Moreover, you will be able to climb the ladder of growth too in the organization at a great pace.

- Your career prospects include data science manager, ML engineer, and more of such sort.

- Since the demand for your data science expertise is always increasing, your salary and other relevant benefits will be on the rise too.

- Through this job, you can channelize your leadership skills. As a person with leadership skills, you might often mentally calculate how your decisions would benefit the organization much more. Through the Data Scientist role, you will be able to influence the decisions relevant to the business development. Furthermore, you can receive relevant credits too on your every successful guidance.

- The job is highly analytical. This means that you get to develop your overall skills throughout the duration of your career. Following the personal benefits, it is now time to understand how you as a Data Scientist add value to your organization.



Being a part of the organization, you know the importance of recruiting the correct talent for the organization. The newly recruited employee must be a fit for your organization too in terms of office culture, ideologies, and more of such sort. Moreover, you know the hectic nature of skimming through several applications. As a Data Scientist, you considerably reduce such hectic work with your analytical inputs. Your analytical input comes from the collection and analysis of data from the applicants' social media platforms, search engines, and more of similar nature.


The scenario of any organization can be divided into two aspects. Before Data Scientists, and after Data Scientists.

Before Data Scientists: when an organization is initially launched, most of the time the need for a Data Scientist is not understood. At such times, organizations would post their products, and expect every active social media user to recognize them overnight. Organizations rely on luck for their posts to become an overnight sensation on the internet.

After Data Scientists: In your presence, your organization will begin to appreciate the depths of niche audiences through your analysis. Furthermore, you and your organization work on strategic ways to make the posts/ products reach people, without relying on luck.


With the growing understanding of Data Scientists’ role in the organization, the demand for them is increasing as well. Data science will be effective only when the right Data Scientist handles it properly. Always ensure your organization employs only highly skilled Data Scientist(s) to gain the best results.

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