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Which is Better; Botany or Zoology?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | June 01, 2022 11:30 AM

Introduction to Botany:

Botany is known to be the study of plants where an individual gets to understand how plants function. Similarly, in this field, we also understand what plants look like and how they are interconnected with one another. It is the scientific study of plants where the structure, properties, and biochemical processes of plants are also studied. All those individuals who specialize in this field are known to be botanists.

Introduction to Zoology:

Zoology on the other hand is the branch of biology dealing with animals and animal life. This includes the study of animal structure, its development, physiology, and classification as well. If you specialize in the field of zoology, then you would be called a zoologist.

Scope of Botany:

If we talk about the scope of botany, then yes it is a good career option for all individuals who have an interest in plant life or flora. Similarly, with botany as your first preference, you get access to multiple job prospects in plant analysis, research, and environmental studies. Take a look at these best free/paid botany classes that you might be interest in.

Scope of Zoology:

Zoology has immense scope and all those individuals who have done masters in this subject can have different job options to choose from. They can either work as an animal behaviorist or a wildlife biologist. A zoo curator or a wildlife educator. Similarly, they can also work as zoology faculty or veterinarians and whatnot.

Which one is better?

Botany in terms of job security:

Botany offers a variety of job roles in different organizations that include government research institutes or environmental consultancies and even universities. All those individuals who have sufficient passion for plants and horticulture can find their relevant job roles immensely enjoyable. Similarly, a career in this field also comes with a lot of benefits as it lets you work with some of the most advanced technologies.

Zoology in terms of job security:

Having a degree in zoology doesn’t mean you only get to work in a zoo. As a zoologist, you can develop multiple skills in science, research, data analysis, etc. that will make a great portfolio for you and allow organizations including government agencies, research centers, universities, charities, etc. to approach you.

Botany in terms of salary:

The average annual salary of a Botanist is $70, 649 as of 2022.

Zoology in terms of salary:

Similarly, if you wish to become a Zoologist then the expected average annual salary as of 2022 is around $75, 907.

Importance of Botany:

Botany plays a vital or more accurately critical part in many areas of our life. Botany includes the study of plants in healthcare as well that is contributing to a great extent to the development of new medicines and treatments. With the help of botany, we can find a cure for major diseases. Similarly, botany also plays a major part in agriculture as it is helping farmers to use optimum planting and cultivation techniques. This has led to improved efficiency and effectiveness while growing crops.

Importance of Zoology:

Zoology has its importance as it puts a huge impact on the world through the scientific study of the evolution, physiology, and health of not only animals but humans as well. Similarly, it offers diverse approaches including molecular genetics and electron microscopy that is doing wonders in the world.

Which one is better?

The scope of both degrees can be considered wide and can act as a good career option for all those who wish to go into research work involving our ecosystem. This means that whatever field you choose will allow you to understand the nature of life. You will get an insight into the existence of the versatile species on earth whether they are plants or animals.

Therefore we can say that if plants intrigue you more then you should go for Botany. And if you are interested in animals then a proper degree in Zoology can help you make a good career.

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