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Different Types of Online MBA Courses for You to Opt From

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | September 29, 2022 12:50 AM

For professionals, upgrading skills is no more an option but a necessity. With technical advancements and the rise of dynamic business, you can only achieve success if you can skill up. An Online Master of Business Administration is the best option in current scenario. For professionals, pursuing a full-time MBA while working is impossible. This is where an online or distance MBA comes to the rescue.  

If you are also looking forward to pursuing an online MBA course but are confused about which type of MBA to go for, you have come to the right place. Learn about the diverse kinds of online MBAs and how they can benefit you.  

How can an online MBA course be beneficial for your career?  

An Online MBA course is designed to benefit professionals to upgrade their skills without stopping their professional journey. You can study at your pace and advance your career by building leadership and management skills. In addition, an online MBA course will strengthen your resume and help you find better job prospects with a high salary.  

Pursuing an MBA is also ideal for those looking to start their venture or become an entrepreneur. This will help in networking beyond your peers by connecting you with the alums and other professionals from the same field in your batch. This will help you understand the global business scenario as well. However, you must choose the right MBA course that suits your career goals. 

Types of MBA specializations 

A Master of Business Administration program offers different specializations. The two-year program is offered in two modes- Online and Distance. Both options are ideal for working professionals who don't want to compromise their jobs and studies. Here are the different types of MBA specializations you can opt for to enhance your career opportunities-  

  1. Information Systems 

The MBA in Information Systems aims to equip professionals with the advanced tools and skills to ace their careers. The learners can command various subjects such as enterprise resource planning, information security, business intelligence tools, and more.  

The specialization will help you advance your career and successfully transition to other domains. Upon completing the program, you can apply for lucrative roles such as product manager, IT project manager, ERP support analyst, etc.  

  1. Fashion Management 

An MBA in Fashion Management is one of the new and most in-demand program. You can learn everything about brand management, fashion trend forecasting, supply chain management, fashion product study & design, and more.  

Upon completing this program, you will be eligible for job roles such as trend forecaster, brand manager, fashion & luxury buyer, fashion product manager, and fashion merchandiser. If you are planning to start your venture, then this MBA specialization can be a game changer for you.  

  1. Operations Management 

MBA specialization in Operations Management is the ideal option for professionals wanting to transition to the marketing domain. The program will help you upskill your domain knowledge and implement effective management plans for smooth operations.  

Under the Operations Management specialization, you will study project management, operations research, services operations management, total quantity management, and more. Upon completing this program, you can get a job as a logistics manager, procurement specialist, purchasing manager, supply chain specialist, and operations manager.  

  1. Human Resource Management 

Human Resource professionals are the backbones of every organization. From scouting the best talents for the company to negotiating the salary and making company policies, HRs have many responsibilities.  

In MBA in Human Resource Management, you will study different subjects like performance management & appraisal, talent management & employee retention, international HRM, training and development, and HR analytics. Upon completion, you can apply for talent acquisition specialist, HR analyst, talent development consultant, performance management specialist, human resource manager, and package specialist job profiles.  

  1. Finance 

MBA in Finance is one of the most sought-after specializations among working professionals. The program is designed to develop knowledge of the finance sector, help create a diverse portfolio, and provide a better understanding of international financial management.  

Upon opting, you will study international financial management, financial analytics, security analysis and portfolio management, and mergers and acquisitions. After this MBA program, you can get a job on diverse profiles such as credit manager, portfolio manager, financial analyst, and corporate controller.  

  1. Data Science 

The MBA in Data Science can help you in boosting your career. You will learn database management, probability distribution, database management, applied data analytics, machine learning methods, and more.  

Enhance your career opportunities by keeping up with the ever-changing market, understanding machine learning, and achieving better analytical understanding for enhanced problem-solving skills. You can get a job as a database developer, data scientist, application architect, and more upon completion.  

  1. Business Analytics 

To understand the business domain and upskill yourself in big data analytics, the MBA in Business Analytics is the right choice for you. Study digital and web analytics, marketing analytics, HR analytics, and more.  

Upon completion, you can switch to job roles of business analyst, predictive modeler, supply chain analyst, and more.  

Is an online MBA course worth pursuing?  

With the availability of online courses, most people are now opting for the Online MBA course. Some of the significant benefits of why an online MBA course is worth pursuing are-  

  1. Cost-efficient  

Maximum academic institutions add tuition fees and other costs to increase the course fee. The online MBA course is cost-efficient and help in saving a lot of additional charges such as commuting fee, on-campus fee, textbook costs and more. In addition, you can complete the course while earning, which means you can pay the course fees from your salary.  

  1. You can learn at your own pace  

In an online MBA course, you can plan your sessions per schedule, so they will not conflict with your job timings. Now, if you are a fast learner, you can finish more modules in a shorter time; if not, you can take extra time to stretch it.  

  1. Better accessibility  

One significant benefit of an online MBA course is that you can easily access the content anywhere. You are free to study wherever you want and from any city.  

Online MBA courses attract millions of freshers and working professionals because of the benefits and accessibility. However, if you are looking forward to pursuing an online MBA or distance MBA, you can opt for Online Manipal.  

Online Manipal offers online MBA courses with numerous specializations to help you accelerate your career growth. In addition, the two-year course provides you with industry exposure and an opportunity to study under the mentorship of industry stalwarts. So, what are you waiting for? Join an online MBA course today and kick-start your career in your dream company! 

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