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Understanding Green Marketing Strategy: The Simplest Explanation

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | March 17, 2023 07:48 AM

There are various marketing and promotional strategies that a company can use to attract potential buyers and partners. One of the newest techniques is through green marketing.

What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is a concept that includes the development of all marketing activities to stimulate and maintain environmentally friendly consumer behavior. With a green marketing strategy, environmental and natural issues and aspects in the process are included. 

The implementation of a green marketing strategy combines various activities that are more environmentally friendly, including product modifications, production process changes, packaging changes, and advertising modifications. Based on the American Marketing Association (AMA), there are three fundamental aspects of green marketing: 

  • Retailing: Product marketing that is considered safe for the environment
  • Social marketing: The development and marketing of products designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment
  • Environments: the company's efforts to produce, promote, package, and reclaim products in a way that is sensitive or responsive to ecological problems

What Are The Green Marketing Goals?

People's awareness in responding to the issue of global warming seems to be increasing. There are many ways to prevent the effects of global warming and further climate change. One effective way to do it is by purchasing products for everyday needs that are more environmentally friendly. 

Therefore, the application of green marketing by various companies is now increasingly widespread. This social phenomenon makes green marketing becoming an added value for a company in increasing competitiveness while producing eco-friendly goods. 

As a part of necessity in the modern world, green marketing refers to the fulfillment, needs, desires, and desires that consumers have towards the maintenance and protection of the environment. Thus, companies are continuously striving to satisfy consumer demands for ecologically friendly products. As a component of raising social consciousness, numerous businesses are gradually incorporating green marketing strategies into their projects. Moreover, green marketing has the power to affect consumers' plans and emotional state, both of which have an influence on their desire to purchase a product.

What are the Benefits of Green Marketing Strategy?

The concept of green marketing is becoming increasingly attractive to various groups, from academics, practitioners, public regulators, consumers, and people who care about the environment. The main concept of green marketing is here to be an alternative for marketers in carrying out marketing activities by utilizing limited resources effectively and efficiently. 

These are some of the benefits a company can get from implementing green marketing strategy:

  • The products produced are environmentally friendly
  • A company able to develop products that seek to meet the desires of consumers who care about the environment
  • Make the company more innovative in input, output process, and marketing strategy

What Are the Function of a Green Marketing Strategy?

●     Products Become More Durable

Generally, eco-friendly products are made to last longer or not be used only once. This type of product is often of high quality and does not quickly generate waste.

     Fewer Costs

Financing carried out with this type of green marketing strategy is usually cheaper and environmentally friendly. For example by minimizing the use of plastic in general in the production stage.

●     Changing the mindset about the environment

One indicator of green marketing is having a reason for being a green component. This value is intended to increase public awareness about the efficiency of eco-friendly products and corporate responsibility toward creating a healthy economic climate.

What is the Green Marketing Strategy?

To apply a green marketing strategy, there are several things you can do such as the examples given below. 

  • One of the requirements for a green marketing strategy is the use of environmentally friendly raw materials. You can swap regular plastic with a compostable poly mailer (bioplastics) for the product packaging.
  • Only use environmentally friendly materials in the promotion process, for example, if you want to give out printed products make sure you choose a sustainable product like a reusable water bottle that you can order from My Own Water site.
  • Ensuring proper management of production waste by taking into account environmental damage around the production site. 

From this explanation above, it can be concluded that green marketing is a type of business strategy that can be carried out by business actors as a form of environmental preservation. 

In the current era of globalization, more people are starting to be aware of the importance of sustainability of nature and the earth. Thus the application of a green marketing concept to a company is becoming an even more important aspect, not only for the environment itself but also for the company to grow and thrive even more.

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