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India needs 'economic engines' at district level for balanced regional development: Zoho CEO

IANS | May 25, 2024 11:44 AM

NEW DELHI: India needs economic engines at every district level for a balanced regional development, cloud software major Zoho’s CEO Sridhar Vembu said on Saturday.

Calling himself an “experimental economist”, he said that the idea of the "economic engine" could be for a city or a district.

“I always ask 'what do we sell to the rest of the world from this region, to balance against all the things we buy from the rest of the world?’ -- that stuff we sell from our region is the economic engine, ” Vembu posted on X social media platform.

We then take the revenue from that economic engine and consider the "value added in the region" which includes all the labour income as well as the profits paid to people in the region.

“Now regional prosperity is very easily understood: what is the value added per person (including all the population of the region) by our ‘economic engine’? If that measure is high, we have a prosperous region, ” he explained.

For example, Zoho adds an economic value of $100 million a year to the Tenkasi region in Tamil Nadu.

With a population of about 1.4 million in the district, Zoho's own contribution to regional prosperity would be about $70 per person at the entire district level.

“We need such economic engines at every district level in India, in all our 800+ districts. That is the key to balanced regional development, ” the Zoho founder emphasised.

If a rural district in India is able to achieve even $1, 000 per capita value added in its economic engines, it would be prosperous.

This would be a measure of "value added per capita by what the region exports to the world outside this region".

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