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I-O Psychology: The Future of Business

Kristal Dhanaraj | May 01, 2021 11:00 AM

The avenues of I-O psychology are a rather unexplored, untapped and growing market, one that is filled with opportunities for aspiring psychologists wanting to combine their love for business and psychology. While there exists a largely false claim that I-O psychology is a niche field with limited opportunities, the reality lies quite far from this assertion.

With growing interconnectivity and diversification, organisations are starting to realise the value they must attach to their social and human capital. Additionally, with a growing body of research and articles displaying the need for psychological support in the workplace, the job of an organisational psychologist is the need and demand of the hour.

While many I-O psychologists work as change officers, developmental consultants, others in helping companies deal with understanding worker productivity, mental health training, psychological assessment, organisational development and design and human resources. Other I-O psychologists can be found in research or academic positions. Consulting opportunities are also available for experienced I-O psychologists.

The field holds a diverse range of options, especially in India, due to it being a largely diverse and unique work market. Globally, with the novelties of change surrounding COVID-19, companies are turning to I-O psychologists, The Bureau of Labour Statistics (U.S.) predicts a growth rate of 53 percent between 2020-2022 for I-O psychologists. Hence, it has become quite evident that I-O psychologists hold the key to the future of change in organisations, both domestically and abroad.

Author Kristal Dhanaraj is Co-founder of Friendssquare

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