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How to Make the Day You Tie the Knot More Special

July 21, 2021 10:56 PM

I’m just going to give it to you straight. Today, more than before there are many ways to make your wedding day special. With the help of technology, there are many creative ways to have a unique cake, to entertain your guests, to glam up or customize your wedding venue, and simply to make unforgettable memories. We get that, that’s a given today. Especially if you have the budget. If you already planned well for these things, good for you.

It’s the small details that sometimes do the magic. But besides these things, we would like to suggest one more detail that will mark the day special, even after the cake is gone, the guests have come home, and the party is done. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the things you might not want to consider doing at your wedding and what you would like it to be. If you’re someone who is looking for something to do that would show the sentimental value of the day, this article is perfect for you, as we would be discussing how a wristwatch-like Rolex, would serve a practical use, but something that you could use even for a lifetime commitment with your love one.

What You Won't Do and Should Do on Your Wedding Day

Shall You Dance?

Today’s generation is bombarded with trends. Some are good while others are around just for the hype. When it comes to wedding trends, we have vintage motifs, the rustic look, and other things that are fun to experience and try. But what you don’t want to do is make your wedding catch up on a trend that you lose the joy of your special day. I’m talking about dancing yourself out like Beyoncé or Shakira. Yes, I’m talking to brides here (or even possibly grooms who are considering it).

Now, don’t get me wrong, there's nothing like pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone as a way to show your appreciation and joy for this milestone in your life. If dancing is your medium of expression, a heartfelt way for you to express the joy in you then, by all means, dance your heart out and go for it. If you’re an experienced performer, then you won’t have qualms about getting everything right in the performance, and you will know how to enjoy it. But if you’re into it just to follow the trend, or give a glamorous performance for your partner, then you have to remember that, that day is not a performance, it’s a special day between you and your partner to start a new chapter in life.

It’s not a stadium concert where you need to twerk and roll on the floor. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, dedicated performance, but if it eats up the precious moments and the ambiance of the grand commitment of a lifetime, your energy and focus, then it’s better to leave it to the hired performers, and simply let you and your hubby enjoy it together. You have a lifetime, and every single day of married life, to prove your dedication anyway.   

Prep properly for your venue 

Beach weddings are a great way to celebrate. The beach is romantic, relaxing, and puts you up close to nature while saying your vows. But a Beach is not a formal environment, the weddings just make it formal, many things could happen. If you're at a beach wedding, or an outdoor wedding for that matter, checking the forecast is the first and foremost rule - the second is planning what to do when it rains. Yes, even if you have checked that the sun on your wedding day is going to show up and celebrate with you, you still have to have a plan B.

Wedding planners advice for an alternative plan in case of unexpected weather conditions. This means considering a second venue, for ceremony and reception, besides the outdoor setup, and creating sheltered pathways for people to walk when transferring to another area. To some, this might already be another mile to stretch, but that’s what you will have to expect with outdoor weddings. But you already set your mind on your venue, and if it holds the most significant memories to create this special day, then all hurdles in preparation will be worth it for both the groom and bride. Now that we’ve discussed a few things you want to keep in mind, we’ll share a gesture you would want to do on your special day to commemorate it for the rest of your life.

Add The Special Touch of Time

Wedding Vows are mostly remembered through the exchange of wedding rings. However, another way of immortalizing the moment of “ I Do’s” and entering a lifelong commitment through sickness and health, is gifting each other with Wristwatches. We know that since it’s a special event, you would probably want to buy something glamorous, and luxurious to match it. But it doesn’t have to be and that’s the beauty of this special wedding gift.

Wristwatches are something that we wear every day, and it is in those everyday moments that you would want to let your spouse remember the very day each of your vows to one another, or simply remember one another. It’s an object that would accompany them to work, casual events, or going to get groceries, you name it. It’s a practical gift that you will be looking at for a very long time and it will age with you and your relationship with your spouse. If you’re looking for a line between classy and casual, a Rolex Oyster perpetual is a great choice. With a simple dial, elegant yet simple dial, and moderate price point, it’s a gift that is special but not too extravagant. You can each plan to buy a watch and show it to each other, or you can keep the surprise of what model you picked on the moment you exchange vows. To make it more special, engrave each other’s names and a little bit of dedication. 

To Sum it Up

You can say that I am romanticizing the idea of watches when I say that’s how couples recall their relationship. But a simple wristwatch is indeed a reminder of the time you spent, invested, and life you enjoyed with your partner. They hold the story of the one who gifted it to them, the one who receives it. Of course, you can opt to buy something more luxurious if you have the money, like a car. But for such special moments, your love doesn’t have to speak loudly just to be proven, and it is in the small, subtle things that people remember the most.

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