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Gaming’s Usefulness as a Means of Cultural Celebration

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 25, 2021 03:58 PM

Moving into another country is always challenging on the mind and body, no matter who you are. To cope with the isolation we often take mementos, to give us some connection to our roots back home. There are other more active solutions that can accomplish the same thing, however, specifically in terms of interactive entertainment. If you haven't taken this route, the benefits can be significant, and well worthy of consideration.

Psychological Benefits

Jet-lag, while often horrible, usually goes away within a week, according to Medicine Net. The mental act of being disconnected from your family and culture can, unfortunately, stick with us forever. It's not something that we can ignore by suppressing it, and attempting this path will only lead to disappointment and heartache.

Instead, the best idea is often to celebrate the things that used to make you happy back in India. The deeper you connect, the greater the advantages, and the more you could draw from the experience. Gaming works so well in this regard because it's not passive. The activity of a pursuit like gaming can draw you back home, to recapture feelings you might have once taken for granted.

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The Simplicity of Online Casino Gaming

One of the simplest and widespread forms of gaming that can be leveraged to this effect are those from the world of casinos. This is an area that has been growing considerably within India in recent years, with PR Newswire noting 4.1% growth in the 2017-2018 period alone. Getting involved on this front, with new digital options, can also connect players back to more local games and customs.

As an example of this, the websites at are all available natively within India’s online borders. Overseas, players will have access to the same bonuses like deposit matches and free spins, in addition to the full range of useful support feature’s they’d have back in India. In some cases, it can even be possible to play games with old gambling friends, if you address the differences in time-zones.

Esoteric Experiences

For those after a more physical experience, it can also be worth looking towards local clubs, or even creating games amongst your groups of friends. Many people will be fully willing to try out foreign sports for the cultural experience, and some might even want to take it further than a few friendly teaching games.

Something like kabaddi could be a great fit for fans of physical sports, for example, even if you have touse Britannica to explain it to them. For more relaxed games, women could be introduced to thaal or kikli, or mixed groups could try out games like lattoo or bantey. Essentially, it shouldn’t be too hard to find interested players either within or without your group to play something with.

"Kabaddi on the beach" (CC BY 2.0) by Nagarjun

Whatever route you choose, you can at least rest well knowing that your choices will be better than those of most nations. As one of the most diasporic countries in the world, finding people who want to try the same thing should often be possible. Whether playing some poker online or getting the kabaddi chant stuck in your new friend's heads, gaming's use as a means of cultural remembrance and celebration should not be overlooked.

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