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Bike Your Way to Work Every day? Make Your Ride Safe and Easy in These Ways

December 05, 2019 04:58 PM

Your bike is like a companion for you. It not only takes you places but also makes both long and short trips easier by helping you make your way through busy roads. Especially when it comes to going to work every day, you feel your bike has a vital role to play. When you’re running late for work or have trouble looking for parking, you realize how your bike is such a savior for you

While driving your bike to work sure has many benefits, it also has certain challenges in store. Riding a motorcycle is comparatively less safe as compared to driving a car and, therefore, exposes you to higher risk. This is the reason why having motor insurance is the first prerequisite for you being a bike owner. Motor insurance will keep you secured in case you meet with an unexpected challenge when out on the roads.

Some other ways in which you can make your bike ride smoother and safer for yourself are as follows:

  1. 1.        Wear Helmet

Data shared by different state police and transport departments shows that in 2017, as many as 98 bike riders who were not wearing a helmet died every day when on the roads. This alarming number shows how not wearing a helmet exposes you to a much higher risk.  Therefore, when riding a bike, you must wear helmet. God forbid, if you meet with an accident and fall on the road, the helmet will minimize or prevent any injury to your head. This will ensure that you don’t face severe injuries in case of a road accident.

  1. 2.      Don’t Overspeed or Overtake

Tw0-wheeler riders show a tendency to overtake cars from all possible sides. However, while over speeding and overtaking is risky for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, bike riders are at a much higher risk. It is because a bike can lose its balance in an instant, making the rider fall straight to the ground. Also, if a bike gets hit by a car or a larger vehicle, it will suffer much more damage because of its relatively less mass. 

  1. 3.      Use Indicators Judiciously

Indicators alert other commuters about where you intend to move or turn when on the road. So, make sure you use the indicatorson your bike before you make the turn. This will keep you on the safer side, along with ensuring that other commuters do not get a chance to blame you for any damage or injury.

 4.      Avoid More Than OnePillion Rider

Many bike riders make more than one pillion rider sit behind them, especially when traveling to the same workplace. This makes them vulnerable to losing their balance and facing injuries and damage sometimes. So, it is always good to have only one person sit with you on your bike. Also, it is crucial that the pillion rider with you also wears a helmet.

  1. 5.      Get Additional Security

Since riding a bike exposes you to significant risk, chances of accidents are high. Crash and collisions can cause you both physical harm as well as damage to your bike. This means that you need to shell out money from your pocket each timeyou meet with an unfortunate accident. That is why your bike must be well secured with the right motor insurance coverage. For additional benefits, reputable insurers like Tata AIG offer add on covers that include coverage for emergency medical expenses, consumable covers, and personal accident cover. Choosing these add-ons will make your motor insurancemore comprehensive in terms of coverage and will keep you secured against unforeseen circumstances.

Ride Safe and With a Sense of Security

Reaching office on time is essential, but more critical is that you stay safe when you are on your way. Therefore, follow the abovementioned points to minimize risk. Despite being a responsible rider, you still cannot control other commuters on the road who may put your life in danger. For such situations, purchase comprehensive motor insurance to stay safe and secure at your end.

Happy and safe riding!


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