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Best way to organize and take care of your jewellery

December 11, 2019 01:18 PM

Let’s face it. We’ve all bought those gold drop earrings online and never worn them because our dresser is a disorganized mess. Or, got a nice chunky necklace which looks like it belongs to our grandmother because of the tarnished appearance.

Staying organized and taking care of your jewellery is just as important as you take care of your yourself. Wearing jewellery activates the feminine energy inside you and can be absolutely amazing for your self-confidence. Frankly, it is the difference between having a good day and a bad day.

So, here’s a complete guide on how to clean all types of jewellery and stay organized.


 Diamonds: Cleaning diamonds is pretty easy. All you need is some warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Soak your diamonds for an hour or so to loosen any debris and then brush the tops, sides and inside with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse it with clean water, wrap it in a paper towel and shake it to knock off any water drops from nooks and crannies.

 Sterling Silver: Sterling silver requires a little bit of patience and effort on your part. You need a specialized silver cleaning cloth which is slightly abrasive. If you don’t have that, you can try a tiny dab of silver polish on a microfiber cloth.

 Gold and Platinum: Gold and platinum are a breeze to clean. You just need a soft microfiber cloth and just wipe your jewellery with that. Now, you can wear your rose gold earrings with all the confidence in the world. But, if you need to polish or buff out scratches, you need a professional’s help.

 Gemstones: Again, these are a little tricky. While you can technically buy special ultrasonic cleaners or make homemade cleaning solutions, it is generally advised that you get your local jeweller to do it instead.

 Pearls: With pearls, follow this basic rule - “Last on, first off.” This basically means you should put them at the end after you’re done getting dressed and take them off first. The natural oil in your skin, hairspray and perfume - all of these can damage pearls. To clean pearls, use a soft, chamois cloth to rub them clean after each wear.

 Costume Jewellery: Usually, this type of jewellery is made from brass and synthetic gemstones. It is best to keep them clean at all times. Just a little bit of water can loosen the glue and cause the jewellery to oxidize or rust. Wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it immediately.


 Diamonds: Store diamonds separately from other pieces. They can scratch soft metals like gold and other gemstones.

 Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum and Gemstones: Follow the like with like. Keep all your gold together, platinum together and so on. If it is a possible store each piece individually, either in a soft cloth bag or in its original box.

 Pearls: Pearls should be stored in a cloth-lined jewellery box or wrapped in a soft cloth. No matter how tempted you are, never hang pearls as this can stretch and weaken the string over time.


 Hanging jewellery organizer: Get an organizer that easily slides into your closet and converts into a travel jewellery roll if you want to store all your jewellery away from sight.

Hooks: If you’re the kind of person that likes to display your jewellery, then get hooks. Necklaces and bracelets are easily accessible and knot-free which we all know is a struggle untangling.

 Stackable trays: For all the little pieces, get stackable trays to store everything neatly.

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