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Best Mobile Payment Apps to Use at Gambling Sites

PUNJAB NEW EXPRESS | October 12, 2020 12:11 PM

Mobile payment apps installation and online gambling have increased immensely during the pandemic. Covid-19 has caused the world’s population to adapt to life indoors. So, it’s only natural that more people are spending many hours glued to their mobile devices. Whether they’re doing online shopping, installing game apps or gambling online, Indian citizens are using mobile payment services to pay for their online activities.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi has been pushing for cashless transactions in India. So, credit card companies and mobile payment platforms are starting to reap the benefits. Some will say that Covid-19 is a curse, while others have taken full advantage of Indians having to change their spending habits, by shifting to mobile payments.

Top 5 Casino Mobile Payment Apps

 There are many mobile wallet solutions available and companies are competing hard for bigger chunks of the mobile payments market. Many Indian rupee casino sites support UPI or BHIM which serves as a central payment platform in India for Netbanking and mobile payment apps. Below you can find the top 5 mobile payment apps that online gamblers use.

 1. Paytm

 Without a doubt, Paytm is the biggest mobile payments company in India. Not only are they pioneers in the mobile payment apps industry, but they are also an Indian country. So, unlike Google or Amazon, Indians prefer being loyal to one of their own.

 Paytm has come a long way since starting out and the Paytm app is currently being used by more than 500 million users in India. So, it’s no wonder why this deposit method is so popular at casinos and betting sites. Paytm users are often awarded special cashback which encourages more transactions.

 2. Google Pay

 In India, Android users outnumber iPhone users by a long way. Therefore, it’s very convenient to make all your online transactions with your Android devices, with built in Google Pay. Having all your services linked to a single Google account, is very useful. So, when you need to pay for something online, you just have to scan a QR code or enter your Google ID and then approve the transaction. You don’t need to go through additional steps of opening an app, signing in, etc.

 Google Pay is the number one competitor for Paytm for online gambling in India. Maybe their recent removal of the Paytm app from their store, citing gambling policy breaching, was just an attempt to get rid of the competition.

 3. PhonePe

 Another great Indian company that is widely used for mobile payments, is PhonePe. Following in Paytm’s footsteps. PhonePe uses the same motto of paying through your phone. Since, PhonePe is available too through UPI and BHIM, casino transactions have gone up too. Similar to Paytm, users can transfer up to ₹1 Lakh at a time, if their account is fully verified. So, for high rollers who like to bet big, PhonePe is a great mobile payment solution.

 4. MobiKwik

 MobiKwikis also an Indian finance company. Like their logo implies, Mobikwik serves as a mobile wallet. You can top up your e-wallet via credit cards or online bank account. And then you can use the money in your wallet for gambling transactions. Even though MobiKwik has been around for quite some time, it’s not as popular for gambling. The three aforementioned mobile payment apps are more popular.

5. AstroPay Card

 AstroPayis a British company that allows registered users to create virtual prepaid credit cards. Although online gambling inside Indian borders is illegal, playing on offshore sites is not. So, AstroPay allows users a bit of anonymity when gambling. Because, they just need to deposit money into their AstroPay accounts and create virtual cards up to amounts of ₹36, 000. If users decide to fully verify their accounts, then they can generate prepaid cards up to ₹1, 00, 000

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