Punjab BJP leader Swarn Salaria booked for fleecing medical college students

Punjab News Express | April 14, 2019 10:31 PM

This  news is withdrawn after clarification by Swaran Salaria through his advocate Sushma Yadav who claimed that report of registration of case against Swearan Salaria for nit refunding fees of students of Chintpurni Medical College, Pathankot after its closure is false and fabricated.  Through his cousel, Swaran Salaria has also claimed that he is not owner of the said college and resigned from the college in 2014.

The counsel further clalimed that the Chintpurni Medical college is still open and well recognised. Swaran Salaria has said that Honb'le Supreme Court has passed the order in favour of the college by setting aisde all the other orders passed thereon by the Hon'ble forums. The lawyer also claimed the students those who have not paid the tution fees have come to the court and those who have paid the tution fees have already collected their certificates therein have not held any refund of any complaint against his client in any police station.( The same story also appeared in The Indian Express and published by us in its reference )

The cousel claimed that the words  'Health Secretary Satish Chandra has written a letter to the Sr.Superintendent of Police at Pathankot" (for registration of case) are completely false,meaningless and baseless published to tarnish the image of Swaran Salaria.

Regarding another report based on the statement of PPCC president Sunil Jakhar who levelled charges of alleged registration if rape case against .Swaran Salaria, we clarify that the news was purely based on an election related statement of Sunil Jakhar also published by many other newspapers. Swaran Salaria's cousel claimed that he was never been charged for the rape case as mentioned wherof the offence pending aainst hinm was only 506 of IPC therein quashed by the honb;le High Court.

We fully respect the orders of various courts made in favour of Chuintpurni Medical College and also Swaran Salaria who is respectable political leader of BJP. We hereby submit an unconditional apology to Swaran Salaria if he felt hurt by any of the content. We never wanted to harm him but published the news items in the interest of public and doing out duty of watchdog.

In the meantime we assure Swaran Salaria that we will get into the depth of the case to ascertain no such thing happens in future.  We are also removing content from the story attributed to Sunil Jakhar in which he blamed Swaran Salaria for alleged rape case. Anything reported in political statement was inadvertent on our part.

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