Peeved at suspension of Sukhpal Khaira, Punjabi NRIs call Kejriwal 'Traitor of Punjab'

Punjab News Express | November 07, 2018 08:32 PM

CHANDIGARH: A lengthy letter purported to be written by Punjabi NRIs from USA,Canada, Europe, UAE, Australia and New Zealnad to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, have blamed the latter for cheating Punjab and Punjabis. The NRIs claimed they had supported Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) in 2017 assembly elections and filled the coffers of AAP.

The letter seemed to have been circulated by the supporters of former Leader of Opposition and Bholath MLA Sukhpal Khaira has stated, "Priceless time and support since 2013 and have helped the party not as an outsider but as an equal building blocks of the party. People of Punjab & NRIs supported AAP because of Ideology and concept of Swaraj. Punjabi NRIs played vital role to make you CM of Delhi adopting constituencies in election".

It further said, "We have been very disappointed from you and your team  in Punjab and whole country for what you did after came into power. The way you all killed the hopes of Punjabis worldwide will go down in history books as “Arvind Kejriwal a Traitor of Punjab”. Not only once, not even twice but again and again you showed your ill intentions towards leaders and people of Punjab. You have been cheating with emotions of people who have given you time and money from last 5 years".

The NRIs stated that if they look at your (Kejriwal's) performance of  last 5 years, this is how you cheated with Punjab and Punjabis:

❏ In 2014 General Election , Punjab gave you oxygen with humble support of Punjabi NRIs made Won 4 MP Seats nowhere else but in Punjab only.  You not even divided all 4 MPs with each other but also shaked Chairperson of Disciplinary Committee Dr. Daljeet Singh during 2015. You also suspended Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, Harinder Khalsa and many other respected Punjabis, just because they asked you questions about firing Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan according to sawraj. Why ….?? That was first loss to people of Punjab when their MPs were suspended for asking questions.

❏ Second during 2016, when you kicked out Sucha Singh Chhotepur from the party with fake and false allegations. His exit from party was one of the main reasons of loss in 2017, but again we ignored it because of so much sweat was already put in elections.

❏ Third, after elections again you and your core team  cheated with Gurpreet Ghuggi, who joined AAP just because he felt it will bring some positive energy to Punjabis. You disrespected him, cheated him and made him quit politics, we again kept quiet and ignored it and worked for Gurdaspur byelections. We ignored looking at the larger interest of Punjab with this  hope that you will learn from your own  mistakes but you never did.

❏ Fourth and one of the biggest cheat when you apologized to Bikramjit Singh Majithia.

The letter addressing to Kejhriwal further added, Why was this apology so bad? You and your whole team forced all Punjabi volunteers, candidates and leaders to put posters that Majithia is Drug Lord . Hundreds and thousands of us did that for you without thinking the consequences they will face later. Even School kids were holding those  tags in the hands. This issue was the highlight of your campaign but you cheated with all Punjab volunteers and people by taking your words back without consulting anyone. You never ever consulted with the chosen leaders of your own party in Punjab.

❏ Fifth very recently, the whole Sukhpal Khaira episode. He worked hard and with honesty as LOP, listened to volunteers, listened to people of Punjab and helped them as much as he could.

Sukhpal Khaira actually showed and proved with his hard work and performance that what should be the role of LOP not only in Punjab but in whole India. But  you couldn't tolerate his better performance with growing stature and again you showed your ill character towards Punjab and disrespected one of the most emerging prominent face of a leader in Punjab  by removing him of his position as a LOP via tweet without   consulting the team of all MLAs.

Latest now again your team suspended Sukhpal Khaira again with baseless allegations. You also suspended Kanwar Sandhu a journalist of great standing. He has always been a great spokesperson for you in the media and shaped many good manifestos for Punjab.

❏ Sixth, few days ago when you blamed poor farmers of Punjab for pollution in Delhi. Your unethical statements were like a careless politician or it was just disgusting politics of polarization and not well researched and all other factors were ignored conveniently.

In the years- 2014, 2015 and 2016 you were CM of Delhi, and more percentage of farmers were also burning stubble as they are doing now but it didn't matter to you then. It never bothered you then because you were getting money from Punjabis and  you had high hopes to be CM of Punjab.

❏ Many more small and big incidents happened but we all ignored for the hope of building better Punjab with you and AAP. We always warned you  for the chaos caused by Bhagwant Mann’s drinking problem. We also warned you against cheap tactics to malign leaders by making fake recordings by your representatives. The latest recording of bringing down a leaders value by Gary Birring ranked very low in morality. The whole time when party was putting up the front to end discord, one sided positions were allotted. This showed favoritism, control and master planning to get rid of not only the leaders but anyone who made sense for Punjab.

❏ Last but not least, no real communication channel were opened to discuss the cause for loss of election and distribution of funds. No disciplinary action or attempt to investigate was done against any observers including Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh. Infact, Sanjay Singh was awarded a Rajya Sabha seat and Durgesh Pathak still sitting in PAC and other top positions. Awarding Rajya Sabha Seats to Guptas exposed your sincerity towards ethical honest politics.

With the reference to all the points above we can say for us Punjabis, you are “ Traitor of Punjab”, cheater and the common word used by you for all politicians “Chor”. You seemed to have looted Punjab just like other corrupt leaders not only their hard earned money but played with emotions of Punjabis too. We hope that you will go down as one of the biggest “Traitor of Punjab” in history books.

In the end you were not hope for Punjab - Punjab gave you hope and opportunity. We are breaking all ties with Aam Aadmi Party and will fully support Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Kanwar Sandhu & other MLA’s who have supported them.

The email to journalists is sent by some Manjinder Sidhu and his name is not among the NRIs

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