Anurag Thakur appeals admirers to greet him with books not flowers

Y.S.Rana | June 21, 2019 10:28 AM

CHANDIGARH: Perhaps flowers are most sought gift to give on every occasion. These are cheaper than jewellery and healthier for environment. In a bid to save flowers prime minister Narendra Modi has coined slogan to give one flower while greeting him.  Anurag Thakur, MoS Finance and Corporate Affairs moved one step ahead when he appealed his well wishers to gift books instead of bouquets. Recently he launched an initiative—Smile, Sansad Mobile Library for education and under the project the books gifted will be made available for children of his Parliamentary constituency through mobile library.    

The first book—Wings of Fire written by the former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam--was gifted by Dr Kavish Khanna, Civil Hospital, Tauni Devi to former chief minister, Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal in a function held in Tauni Devi on Saturday last.

Prof Dhumal said that books collected in this way would be brought under children reach through mobile library van. Most of the people appreciated this initiative. Dr Khanna said that thousands of flowers costing lakh of rupees were gifted for a few second greetings.  On the other, the ubiquity and accessibility of celebrations, flowers obscure the long, complex journey these have to take from the green house to our houses and the environmental costs that added up along the way.

Prof Bikram Rana while appreciating the initiative said that he has proposed a new mantra which was Shiksha-Swasthya for everyone.  He further said that Mr Anurag has already provided good health services that deliverance from human misery and unbearable economic burden for every household. Education is the most important aspiration in almost every family today, says Mr Rana.

Politicians used to make big promises which are table-stakes in electoral game. Hence, the  need is to energizing new mantra. It must also cut through the fluff, really mattering to everyone.

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