Four persons injured in Greenwood Gurdwara fighting

April 16, 2018 02:10 PM

Punjab News Express/Balbir Singh
INDIANAPOLIS: Four persons were injured in a fight involving more than 100 devotees at Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib, Greenwood here today. The injured were rushed to Franciscan Health Indianapolis. They are all reported to be out of danger.
Quoting Greenwood Police Assistant Chief Matt Fillenwarth Daily Journal said "More than 50 police cars were dispatched to the temple, and eight firetrucks and multiple ambulances responded, because the incident could have become a mass casualty."
It is reported that the dispute started when the new elected body members asked to hand over the donation collected today after celebrating 319 Anniversary Commemortion of Khalsa Day. Those who were in power were not willing to hand over the donation to the new committee. The infighting is going on for a long time
On receiving a call from Sikh temple shortly before 3 p.m, the police reached the spot and found 100 to 150 people were involved in  verbal arguments AND physical fighting which resulted in the 3 to 4 persons getting minor injuries. The injurged were transported to the hospital for treatment.
Elections to the Gurudwara Mangement Committee are held every two years. There was disagreement between the outgoing and incoming body.
The police are collecting information from various sources, including CCTV cameras installed in the Gurudwara. The matter is under investigation.

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