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Two Delhi colleges design energy efficient vehicles

October 12, 2019 12:21 PM

NEW DELHI:In a bid to invent energy efficient, less polluting and advanced vehicle for the future, students from two colleges in Delhi-NCR, will be participating in 'Make the Future Live India' which is to be held at the Shell Technology Centre, Bengaluru (STCB) between November 19 - 22, 2019.

Participating in this event is a 10-member team from the Delhi Technical University -- named DTU E-Supermileage. The team has created an electric vehicle prototype boasting a carbon fibre monocoque design, which has not only given the vehicle a better physique, but also allowed the team to enhance driver safety. Powered by a hub motor, the team expects a mileage of 200Km/kWh.

Another team from the national capital that will be going to Bengaluru is comprised of the engineering students from the Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. They have designed an energy efficient, low-carbon electric prototype car that will run on lithium-ion battery. The car is equipped with detachable steering and designed with the best possible aerodynamic shape to reduce air resistance, thereby delivering better mileage.

Named Aethon, the all-women student team will be showcasing the car at the Shell Eco- marathon part of the event.

"The world has slowly started to witness the effects of climate change and we cannot ignore it anymore. Nations, governments, corporates, activists, people -- everyone is currently working towards the goal of tackling this global issue of climate change.

"We too are doing our bit by creating mobility solutions that can reduce carbon emissions and play a role in tackling climate change, " said Jhanvi Puri, Team Manager of Aethon

In total, 39 Indian teams are gearing up to compete in the first phase of the Make the Future Live India 2019.

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