Sunday, May 31, 2020


Punjab NGO asks center to take steps to prevent stigma for Corona affected people

April 02, 2020 04:40 PM

NAWANSHAHR: Corona Virus pandemic has created a lot of fear among people and the society and the country  as a whole is in state of panic.  This fear psychosis might serve  to keep people inside their houses during lockdown, but social distancing should not lead to stigma for Corona affected people or those suspected to have it.

NGO "Savera" - society for social awareness - today urged the central and state governments to launch a full throated campaign to prevent stigma being attached to Corona.  In a press note, issued here today, Dr. Aay Bagga, Retd. Civil Surgeon said that no stigma should be attached with Corona Virus as was witnessed in our country during early stages of  HIV and AIDS spread.  He said that  false information being circulated in social media  about Corona Virus is leading to discrimination and this type of discrimination leads to stigmatisation among a section of society.  Foot soldiers like health employees and others against Covid-19 are being discriminated and are being asked to leave accommodation by their landlords, he added.  Dr. Bagga said that at some places, people are objecting to opening of Quarantine Centres near their place of living.  

Dr. Bagga further stated that patients treated successfully after infection of Corona Virus  and those suspected to have it, migrant labourers and any religious group need not be discriminated against. Need is to have specified physical distancing,   repeated hand washing with soap & water to prevent Covid-19.

Dr. Bagga also urged opinion leaders  to speak against discrimination and stigmatisation of Covid-19.  He said that rather gratitude be expressed to foot soldiers by sprinkling flowers on health employees, safai sewaks & street vendors for doing excellent work in this period of crisis.

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