Punjab Govt conniving with education mafia under deep conspiracy to derail the system- Principal Budhram

Punjab News Express | July 04, 2019 03:59 PM

CHANDIGARH: The state Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has accused the Captain Amarinder Singh government of not providing syllabus books to the students of state-run schools in Punjab, alleging the government in the saddle was working under the influential private education mafia calling the shots in the state.

In a statement on Tuesday, core committee chief and legislature, Principal Budhram, said that three months had passed since the new academic session started and that schools had re-opened after the summer vacations, a large number of students of govt schools were yet to get their syllabus books under the scheme, which, he said, was adversely affecting their education.

The AAP leader said that many a students of government schools in the state were forced to read from a common book, stating that by not providing syllabus books to nearly two crore students in the state was a deliberate attempt to pass it on to private hands under a well thought out conspiracy.

He said that on the one hand, private education mafia was given a free hand is being encouraged to carry on with a vengeance and without scantest fear of the law, the poor and ‘Dalit’ students were left to fend themselves when it came to imparting quality education to them.

Budhram lambasted the government for its laidback stance to the cause of the students of government schools, especially ‘dalits’ and the poor that the winter uniforms were given to the beneficiaries in the summer.

The AAP leader said that if the state government failed to provide syllabus books to the students of government schools latest by July 15, AAP would be free to take to road route and even raise the issue in the Vidhan Sabha to expose the government.

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